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How to Complete the Shiny Mirror Room Puzzle in Remnant 2



Complete the Shiny Mirror Room Puzzle in Remnant 2

Don’t worry! You’re in the right place if you’ve ever been confused in this complex maze or want to prepare yourself before tackling this tricky puzzle. 

This article will reveal how to solve one of Remnant 2’s most challenging puzzles, helping you confidently navigate instead of aimlessly wandering. Prepare as we guide you through this sparkling reflection and tricky illusions journey.

Decoding the Mirror Room Puzzle: Glistering Cloister Edition

Locating the Puzzle

The trip starts in the optional Glistering Cloister, northeast of the Forlorn Coast. This area, full of secret wonders, is where you’ll find the Mirror Room puzzle. 

As you explore the Cloister, watch out for signs of the puzzle.

Golden Vase Revelation

When you find the Mirror Room, dive into the shiny surfaces around you. A unique golden vase is hidden here that doesn’t match the rest of the room. 

Act like a detective, looking closely at the reflections to spot the differences. These clues will lead you to your prize.

Precision Shooting

Once you find the golden vase, accuracy is critical. Aim your weapon where the mirror points at the golden vase’s ghostly location. 

A good shot will reveal the secret – the Shaed Stone Ring. This valuable ring increases skill damage by a substantial 12.

Shaed Stone Ring: Unleashing its Power

Versatility Across Realms

The Shaed Stone Ring isn’t just found in the Glistering Cloister but in many places. You can find it in the Gilded Chambers, the Pathway of the Fallen, or the Shattered Gallery. 

The Mirror Room puzzle always brings out the Shaed Stone Ring. So, whenever you see the puzzle, you can be sure the ring is nearby.

Synergy with the Ritualist Archetype

If you’re playing as a Ritualist, the Shaed Stone Ring is a must-have. It boosts skill damage by 12 and fits perfectly into the Sinister Ritualist build. 

This improves your abilities in the challenging world of Remnant 2’s Awakened King.


Solving the Mirror Room puzzle is about more than just getting rewards. It’s a crucial part of gaining the power of the Shaed Stone Ring. 

This guide will help you confidently explore the Glistering Cloister and more, ensuring you solve all puzzles and find all treasures. The Shaed Stone Ring is a sign of your expertise in magic and your cleverness in overcoming the toughest challenges in Remnant 2.

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