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How to beat Formless and Gassox in Super Mario RPG



How to beat Formless and Gassox in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG is a colorful, lively game where characters jump over gaps and crush enemies. However, two formidable enemies, Formless and Gassox, can scare even the bravest players. 

They could be clearer and more robust, which can annoy many passionate gamers. But don’t worry! This article will help you understand these mysterious enemies better.

Unmasking Formless: The Initial Encounter

Overview of Formless

Formless, the first version of Gassox, is a hidden foe in Super Mario RPG. Regular attacks don’t work on this ghost-like enemy. 

But, with only 10 HP, Formless could be more robust. Even so, it can use powerful magic attacks like Bolt, Crystal, Electroshock, Solidify, and Static E!

Conquering Formless

To beat Formless quickly, players should use special magic attacks. These attacks work well against this ghostly enemy, reducing its low HP. 

After defeating Formless, it changes into its natural form – Gassox, a green gas cloud, and the next part of the fight begins.

Engaging Gassox: Strategies for Success

Understanding Gassox

Gassox, called Mokura, gets magic powers from Formless in Super Mario RPG. But, Gassox becomes weak to regular attacks. 

Players can use this weakness with special moves at the right time to gradually reduce Gassox’s HP.

Elemental Weaknesses and Tactics

Gassox is weak against fire and ice attacks. Players should use this weakness and avoid using strong special attacks. 

Because Gassox is gas-based, physical attacks don’t work well during this part of the fight.

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Expert Tip: Bowser’s Poison Gas

Interestingly, Bowser can use Gassox as an opponent and a special move during a fight. When called in its Poison Gas form, Gassox battles Bowser but doesn’t cause much damage. 

Calling Poison Gas in different situations for the best outcome is best.

Equipping for Victory: Recommended Gear

Use gear that can withstand elemental attacks to increase your odds of beating Gassox. Essential items are Booster’s Charm, Lazy Shell, Nurture Ring, Safety Ring, and other items in the game. 

These items strengthen Mario and his friends, giving them an edge in the fight against Gassox.

Conclusion: Triumph over Formless and Gassox

Beating Formless and Gassox in Super Mario RPG is fun for those who like to finish everything. The extra boss fight gives small rewards like 30 XP and maybe a Royal Syrup. 

But you need a good plan. With the right tools, special attacks, and quick moves, players can easily beat this gas-like enemy, showing their skill in Super Mario RPG.


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