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Here’s why Instagram is asking for your birth date again



To be able to use Instagram, users now have to give their date of birth. Over eight months ago, Instagram said it would make age verification important on its site and started making users enter their birthday information. This change comes after that. The main goal of the upgrade is to keep kids under the age of 13 from getting in. To help Instagram better target ads, they will also be able to look up a user’s date of birth.

Instagram shows a screen before letting people see its content to get the person’s date of birth. To use the app, users must enter their date of birth. They can’t skip this step.

Instagram asks for your birthday, even if this account is for a business or a pet. You must do this before you can keep using Instagram, even if this is the account. “This helps protect our community’s young people from being hurt or killed. Your birthday will also be used to make your experience even more personalized, such as by showing you ads. They will not be able to see it in your public profile.”

Instagram users who haven’t yet put in their date of birth see the new prompt. Many of them have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure with Instagram’s decision to forcefully ask for their birth date when they sign up for an account.

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If you don’t want to use Instagram’s age verification feature, you can. Last year, the site made it essential for people to give their date of birth information, and it announced that users would be able to fill in the information while they were browsing their feed or posting new content for their friends. Today, people who didn’t enter their information and ignored the previous steps could still get into the Instagram app.

Of course, some people who aren’t old enough will be able to get around the rules by giving a fake birth date. Instagram, like Facebook, has a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to figure out the correct age of its users, just like Facebook does.

“As well as the age that is written in birthday greetings, like “Happy 21st Birthday!” or “Happy Quinceaera!” The age you told us on Facebook can also be used on other apps where you’ve linked your accounts, like Instagram or Snapchat. For example, if you told us your birthday on Facebook, we’ll use it for your connected Instagram account. And the other way around, too. “The social media giant explained how it found birthdays on its website.

In the future, Instagram might be able to move some of its young followers to a new app that we might see in the future. The most recent update makes it more difficult for kids to use the site. When Meta learns about its users’ birthdays, it could also make more money by putting personalized ads on its site for each one of them.