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Hailey Bieber Shares Picture with Justin Bieber when Reveling Facial Paralysis



Hailey Bieber Shares Picture with Justin Bieber when Reveling Facial Paralysis.

American supermodel Hailey Bieber showed her support for her husband, Justin Bieber, after he disclosed on Sunday that he is suffering from facial paralysis. 

In an Instagram video, the 28-year-old pop sensation said that a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome caused her ailment.

“This eye isn’t blinking, as you can see. So on this side of my face, I’m unable to grin… So this half of my face is completely paralyzed,” he said. 

According to medical professionals, Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when a shingles epidemic damages the facial nerve between the ears.

Hailey has now posted a beautiful photo of Justin and their dog Oscar on her Instagram stories, referring to them as her “kids.” 

This comes only hours after Hailey posted a video of her hubby on her Instagram Stories, simply stating, “I love u, sweetie,” followed by a begging emoji.

Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour, which started in February, revealed that three gigs would be rescheduled earlier this week. 

“It’s from this virus that targets the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves and causes my face to be paralyzed,” the musician, born in Canada, said in the three-minute video, pointing to the right side of his face.

Justin pleaded for patience from his followers and said that he is “physically, clearly, not capable of executing” his next gigs. “As you can see, this is a terrible situation. 

“I wish this wasn’t the case, but my body is telling me I need to slow down,” he said. 

“I’m hoping you guys get it. I will use this time to simply rest and relax so I can go back to doing what I was created to do.”

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