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GTA Online player has an amusing skydiving crash.



GTA Online player has an amusing skydiving crash

GTA Online player has an amusing skydiving crash: I once went skydiving. Since it was my first time, I didn’t have to pull the cord to deploy the parachute since there was a static line connecting it to the aircraft, which allowed me to fall alone through the air and into the lovely grass of the East Midlands airport below.

Most likely, I won’t do it again. It’s scary to jump from a moving airplane. So perhaps the best way to relive that rush in GTA Online is to skydive rather than land on Los Santos’ busy streets.

Unfortunately, some GTA players have discovered that the vast open world isn’t safe. Particularly if you’re recklessly leaping out of a plane in the first person. One of the players learned this the hard way.

In GTA Online, pilots move across the runway.

This GTA Online player said, “Ouch.”

Lethal Bassist, a Reddit member who plays GTA Online, has had a remarkable voyage from the air to the ground, and the community has genuinely appreciated it.

They leaped from a building and momentarily took in the surroundings before deploying their parachute. Then, finally, a red truck arrived at what seemed to be the ideal speed for a joyful landing as I turned to face the city below.

Let’s say things didn’t go as planned during the landing. Unfortunately, the video is accessible here:


The community’s opinions were summed up by Kswanman15, who said: “This is possibly the funniest first-person footage I’ve ever seen.”

Cosmo X experienced the trauma of the incident: “Ouch! Does dental insurance exist in the world of Grand Theft Auto?” I hope it helps, but considering that you get scammed out of thousands of dollars if you get drunk, Lethal Bassist could be in for a few months.

The clip, in my opinion, could use a little more flair. “Just needs the Curb your Enthusiasm music and freeze-frame on the light post,” said Agent Duchess in agreement. I agree; if only on GTA Online, it would be the funniest historical event.

Please keep a look out for more from us on GTA Online. We are always on the hunt for community news in the GTA, from the most recent trends to incursions by fantastical creatures.

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