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GTA Online gets Criminal Enterprises



GTA Online gets Criminal Enterprises

GTA Online gets Criminal Enterprises:  On July 26, 2022, GTA Online will get a significant update named The Criminal Enterprises. The update will concentrate on Criminal Careers for all unlawful business owners.

However, they are not the only ones receiving new tasks, as covert agents also receive new Contact Missions.
The tale of the Duggan petrochemical family, who desire to get wealthy by exploiting historically low gas prices, is introduced in the most recent update.

Although that circumstance is excellent for criminal minds, it has also made IAA more prominent. For example, up to four agents will be assigned to the new Operation Paper Trail, which looks into the operations of the Duggans family, and local gas tycoons.

Expect higher rewards (particularly for the original and Doomsday Heist), additional vehicles, modes, and objectives thanks to the Criminal Enterprises update’s quality-of-life adjustments and balancing for players! In addition, the most lucrative business games may now be played alone or with others.

Due to the update’s emphasis on illegal trade, San Andreas businesspeople, including executives, bikers, gunrunners, and nightclub owners, now have more ways to increase their profits on the black market.

Bikers: New Custom Bike Shop choices, new Clubhouse Contracts, and a quest to restock the bars.

New resupply missions for gunrunners.

New Special Cargo missions for executives.

Nightclub owners now have additional customer service choices and Club Management objectives.

Don’t forget about automobiles, since driving cars (and other vehicles) was always the main focus of GTA. In addition, you now have more options on how to distribute items.

Vehicles are those honed road animals, and with more customization choices now available, we also mean them.