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GTA Online gamers share secret clothing benefits



GTA Online gamers share secret clothing benefits

GTA Online gamers share secret clothing benefits: In GTA Online, how you dress may reveal a lot about you. Including your financial status, your familiarity with game updates, and even your level of commitment to a particularly impressive cosplay.

Sadly, it appears that some of Los Santos’ more costly clothing does more than make you look beautiful. Which is terrible news for those who planned to spend their days waiting for GTA 6 dressed out in whatever is comfy.

This was the topic of a recent Reddit discussion where GTA gamers spoke about their favorite garms.

Sometimes it’s preferable to prioritize content above aesthetics.

The first post on this topic on the GTA Online subreddit made by member Ronnymalony, who wrote: “Hopefully you guys find this useful.” He revealed their guide to the personal benefits connected to several of the game’s clothes.

While many users were unaware of these minor details. Some were able to contribute to the manual through their personal experience with the various outfits.

User aviator engineer, for example, pointed out that while the pilot suit looks good on those flying. Only its helmet is necessary to give the player a real-time display of altitude and airspeed while in the cockpit.

Similar comments make by user Automatic-Fault-430 regarding the heavy heist outfit, who noted that although it can slow you down. However, as Ronnymalony pointed out, doubling your health during heists, the benefit it provides is unquestionably worthwhile.

User realization added that the scuba outfit also helps you swim faster, while MrTeaForce said this is true even when using the first-person camera. Ronnymalony had noted that the diving suit grants the player limitless oxygen and an underwater lantern.

Less is known about the characteristics of the motorcycle leathers in the game, with user DyLaNzZpRo expressing astonishment at finding that they may turn potentially deadly bike wrecks into minor scratches that only cause minimal health loss.

Other things that might come in handy also note by user wojtekpolska. Including various military helmets that reduce headshot damage and masks that can lower the desired level. Suppose used to commit a crime and removed during the subsequent chase.

So the next time you go shopping, pack your bag with valuable items and stay tuned to our site for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new stuff becomes available.