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GTA Online gamer recreates San Andreas screenshot in Los Santos



GTA Online gamer recreates San Andreas screenshot in Los Santos

GTA Online gamer recreates San Andreas screenshot in Los Santos: Not everyone who is still driving through Rockstar’s sandbox as they wait for GTA 6 is like that. At the same time, the most severe GTA Online players are always worried about increasing their cash flow or avoiding griefers.

Some carefree criminal masterminds are too preoccupied with throwing pool parties and dressing up as various characters. Or building replicas of famous movie automobiles for the Criminal Enterprises update to give a damn about the grind.

However, in the example of one player highlighted in a recent Reddit post. Their adventure while unemployed had a more nostalgic undertone and resembled a love letter to a vintage GTA game.

returning to Grove Street after the terrible train

We have come a long way, fellas, the player who started the thread exhibiting this extreme vintage display on the GTA Online subreddit, user DeeTorr3s. Presented a snapshot from GTA San Andreas that they had recreated using a screenshot from GTA Online.

Naturally, this message sparked a lot of reactions from other users who wanted to join in the nostalgic fun. Quenched Ginger shouted, “GSF for life!” while DeeTorr3s and UKKai2002 both responded, “real recognize real” and “Grove street, home.”

Some people, however, lamented the loss of this special place in GTA V, with Cowardly Maya_ declaring that “Grove Street is Ballas territory now,” which prompted zeusjuice420 to admit that “I go shoot it up in CJ’s memory all the time.”

User cirque-instances pondered: “(I) wonder what CJ is up to nowadays?” about the beloved protagonist, to which TrackRough responded: “he’s still a straight Busta.”

Regarding the Easter eggs found in GTA IV and V. User Clovenstone-Blue commented: “Considering the Easter eggs you can discover in GTA IV and V, he’s doing well for himself.”

Not like a man who manages MADD Dogg, owns a garage and dealership in San Fierro. And is a co-owner of a casino in Las Venturas would not be doing well for himself.

CJ’s finale didn’t seem to satisfy user EyesmokeD1andOnly, who demanded that he appear in GTA Online.

Whether CJ decides to take the dang train to Los Santos or not. Be sure to stick with us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as fresh content becomes available.

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