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Google’s Pixel 6A is spotted at the FCC, indicating a May release.



There were many good things about last year’s Pixel 5A, but the phone’s August release didn’t help it much.

First, Google released the Pixel 3A and 3A XL simultaneously at the company’s I/O conference in May.

This was a more sensible mid-year release because it gave the phones more time to shine before the next Pixel came out.

Both the 4A and the 5A had to work through the summer because of supply chain problems and problems with remote work.

There were no carriers or retailers that sold the Pixel 5A for $449 last year. Google marketed the phone on its own and only.

However, Google is getting things back on track in time for the new Pixel 6A to come out. It recently passed through the FCC, Droid-Life said.

At least one SKU of 6A will support millimeter-wave 5G, but there’s not much else to note in the FCC filings. This suggests that the phone isn’t too far away.

The 5A appeared at the FCC in July before it went on sale a month later. When did Google’s I/O 2022 conference start? It starts on May 12th.

The Pixel 6A is expected to look like the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, with a similar camera bar on the back. We’ve seen supposed images of its packaging, and some early tests show that it might be able to do the same things as the more expensive Pixels.

I hope that Google can keep the 5A’s long battery life and low price. If the 6A were sold in more countries and again attracted the attention of mobile carriers and retailers, it would also be nice to see it.

It’s a good sign that there are a lot of different 6A models in the FCC documents, which means more people will be able to buy them.

We should find out more about the Pixel 6A in a few weeks or so. I don’t think I’d rather wait until August.