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Google’s big update! Pixel phones will soon be self-repairing at home.



Google’s big update: Google, a tech company, has announced that it is working with iFixit to make it easier for independent repair professionals and skilled people who have the right technical skills to get the parts they need to fix Pixel phones. will start selling genuine Pixel spares later this year. This includes parts for phones that are made by Pixel, as well as future Pixel phones that are made by Pixel.

This includes features for phones that are made by Pixel, as well as future Pixel phones made by Pixel.

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If you want to fix your Pixel phone, you’ll be able to buy the parts you need on their own or in iFixit Fix Kits that come with tools like screwdriver bits and spudgers, the company said in a blog post.

The company said it is taking steps to make it easier to fix other things, too.

Companies like Acer and Lenovo have helped Google launch the Chromebook repair program, which helps schools find information about repairable Chromebooks and start their in-house repair programs.

“We also made Chrome OS Flex, which lets people who work for schools or businesses use old Mac or PC computers to run a version of Chrome OS along with their Chromebooks. This saves money on hardware costs, makes it easier to recycle old devices, and makes it easier to manage a fleet in a sustainable way and quickly “:

iFixit said that each kit comes with the iOpener, the company’s tool for heating parts of the case that are stuck together with adhesive. The kits also come with replacement pre-cut adhesive that you can use to secure and re-waterproof your Pixel.