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Google will replace Play Store’s Movies and TV tab with Google TV



Google is deleting the Movies & TV option from its Play Store app on Android devices.

In March, Google has previously stated that its ‘Movies and TV’ section would be removed from Android devices.

The Play Store app for Android will no longer allow users to browse, search, purchase, or rent television series and movies.

Purchases and rentals will instead be accessible on Google TV, where customers will be able to see their library alongside the freshly revamped ‘Highlights’ news stream.

According to an updated announcement article by Google, the ‘Movies and TV’ page is being eliminated from the Google Play Store for Android.

According to the source, Google TV is the new substitute, and customers will be able to buy rent and view purchased material on the platform.

A newly upgraded feature named ‘Highlights’ news stream is also available on Google TV.

Furthermore, the report claims that there have been few modifications to the previous manner of purchases, family sharing, payments (using Play credit and gift cards), refunds, and Play Points on the user’s wish list on the Play Store app.

According to the source, once the Movies and TV area was removed from the Play Store application on Android devices, users would now see just three tabs: Games, Apps, and Books, with Offers or Play Pass as a fourth option on the app.

“You’ll find the same experience you’re accustomed to on Google Play Movies & TV on Google TV, with the hottest new releases, rentals, promotions, and fantastic suggestions for you,” Google said at the time.

Apart from that, Google banned many applications from the Play Store last month after discovering that they were collecting personal data such as location, phone numbers, and email addresses from users.