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Google to Reveal Pixel Feature Updates with Tour of New Features



Google gives Pixel owners new features every three months in the form of Feature Drop. It doesn’t take long for these updates to come out, so users don’t have to wait for a new version of Android to come out. A report says that the Pixel’s next Feature Drop, which will happen in March 2022, will bring new features and let users know about them. Google is constantly working to make the user experience better, so they will keep users up to date on all the changes made to Pixel Feature Drops every three months.

First, Mishaal Rahman of Esperdev tweeted about the news. He also shared screenshots to say how Google will be telling its users in the future, which he said were proof of that. Google will give its users a tour of all the new features that have been added to the Android apps that it makes.

Rahman shared screenshots of how Google plans to ensure there are always new updates with each Pixel Feature Drop. The service hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet, but the screenshots show how Google plans to make sure there are always new updates with each Pixel Feature Drop. Update: Users will be able to see the new things added when they make their first trip to the Play Store soon afterward.

However, many people commented on the tweet to say that this feature has been around for a long time. I shared a screenshot with these claims; a user said they first got the update on January 30 this year, right after the emoji hub added new icons for dog lovers and people who give gifts. When these cards are available to all users hasn’t been made clear. Some users may have already seen these cards. As part of the following significant change to Play Services, it is expected to be added.

Google lets people skip through these cards if they don’t want to read about the new features. As part of its Pixel Feature Drop, in March, Google made Snapchat’s night vision better. It also added live captions for calls. Google also made improvements to recorder apps, widgets, custom text stickers, and also added new wallpapers.