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Get Tower of Fantasy’s default characters



Get Tower of Fantasy's default characters to like you

 Get Tower of Fantasy’s default characters: An MMO with a good character creator is Tower of Fantasy. Since the beginning of the game, players have enjoyed creating characters from scratch or remaking their favorite anime characters.

They may post their creation for others to view and, if they like, utilize for their character via the preset system. In addition, you may provide some brief comments along with a like to demonstrate your admiration for their work.

Follow these steps to like a creator’s setup in Tower of Fantasy.

Get Tower of Fantasy’s default characters

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you store and like presets?

Like utilizing the preset system in Tower of Fantasy, liking a character preset is relatively straightforward and uncomplicated. Before accessing a server, go to the Preset menu on the title page.

Click on Lobby, located immediately to your character’s right, to get a complete list of all the available settings. This will lead you to the Appearance Hall, where you may first peruse all of the players’ most recent masterpieces.

Select Popularity Vote for the characters that you like the most.

Two tiny boxes may be seen on the frames of each character as you scan the cast. You may add them to your favorites by selecting the one on the right, which you can also access through the tab at the top.

By leaving them a like by clicking the heart symbol to the left, you increase the likelihood that more people will view their work as it moves up the Popularity Vote page.

You can view all of the character presets you have saved here on the My Favorites page, but not all of the ones you have loved. A Like or Pass method almost glued down to Tinder for settings is on the left.

You will go to the next one if you click pass. Finally, click like to give that preset a like and add it to your favorites all at once.