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How do I get the no-cost SOFI TUKKER Red Hat avatar item on Roblox



get the no-cost SOFI TUKKER Red Hat avatar item on Roblox:  A duo from music SOFI TUCKER is now part of the Metaverse by collaborating with RS Sports! To mark the release of their latest album, “WET TENNIS,” SOFI TUCKER will be hosting an exclusive listening event within part of the RS tennis experience.

 To celebrate the release, the duo have made two avatars available for users at no cost for a limited time, the SOFI TUCKER Purple Hat and SOFI TUKKER WETTENNIS T-shirt!

get the no-cost SOFI TUKKER Red Hat avatar item on Roblox

Claiming the SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat

For adding the SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat avatar item to your Roblox inventory, visit Roblox‘s website. Roblox website and click on the Avatar Shop tab in the menu navigation on your screen.

Then, find the search bar in the Avatar Shop, search for SOFI TUKKER into it, and press Enter.

When you do this, the Avatar Shop will adjust itself to display the most relevant responses to your query. 

However, to narrow our search even further, we have to alter one other aspect. Go to the bottom of the page until you find the Creator heading on the menu to the left side, and then select Roblox instead of All Creators. 

This will allow us to narrow our search further.

By clicking this button, you can dramatically reduce the number of returned results, and the result should give us the exact product we’re searching for.

If you want to claim the product, click its image and then click on the green Get button, which appears on the page that it is on.

To confirm your claim for this item, click the “Get Now” button in the open pop-up window.


The SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat is likely in your avatar’s inventory! However, be aware that this item is only available for a short duration, so it’s best to get it earlier than later. 

You can get the SOFI TUKKER WET T-shirt available in the avatar shop if you’re lucky. It’s likely to be available through the above steps.

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