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How to get the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy



Get the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy

Get the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy: In Tower of Fantasy, you may unlock the Dust Wheeler. But, of course, you can’t get very far without a reliable car to travel in.

Several different cars in the Tower of Fantasy may found and unlocked. While some of these cars acquire by completing the primary plot missions, others demand more difficult challenges.

Due to its challenging unlock criteria, the Dust Wheeler is the most complex vehicle. However, the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy may acquire following the instructions in this article.

How to get the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy

Most vehicles in Tower of Fantasy obtain by locating all their replacement pieces and putting them together to create a new mount. A few are completed using other techniques, with the Dust Wheeler having the strictest standards.

Many gamers are looking for a stylish vehicle known as the Dust Wheeler. To access the Apex League and win this award, you must be level 31.

Apex League is the leading player vs. player experience available in Tower of Fantasy. So, of course, it would help if you advanced to Grand Marshal status.

Unfortunately, Grand Marshal is the highest level general in this competitive PVP mode.

There are three different rules in Apex League.

Be the first player in a 1v1 PVP encounter on a dwindling battleground to score 2 points.

Weapon resonance effects, Simulacrum characteristics, Matrix effects, and Phantasia disable during a battle. In addition, all players begin the game with a shield, healing effects are decreased by 50%, and the Jetboard is prohibited.

After attaining Level 31, Apex League is only accessible daily from 12:00 to 2:00.

Depending on your roster of weapons and relics, this mode can be accessible or punishing because of the gacha system in Tower of Fantasy. As you advance through the ranks, you may come across individuals who may have spent a lot of money to get elite upgrades and weaponry.

Climbing these levels is not impossible, but it is a difficult task that needs careful planning, patience, and perseverance. When the season is over and awards presented to Apex League players, your Dust Wheeler will be there if you can make it to Grand Marshal.