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How to Get the Destiny 2 Terminal Velocity Emblem



Get the Destiny 2 Terminal Velocity Emblem

Get the Destiny 2 Terminal Velocity Emblem: Cosmetic goods are essential in a game like Destiny 2, with many upgrades and content expansions. Moreover, it’s the most effective approach to demonstrating how long you’ve played with your opponents.

Plus, it’s a chance to show off some of your prized collectibles. As a result, the Terminal Velocity symbol in Destiny 2 is likely to be a must-have.

We’ve got you covered if you’ve heard about the new decal but aren’t sure where to get it.

In Destiny 2, how can you get the Terminal Velocity Emblem?

Although it is not accessible, obtaining the Terminal Velocity emblem in Destiny 2 is quite simple. But, unfortunately, you can’t get it through playing the game or completing missions.

If your Amazon Prime account is connected to your Destiny 2 account, the Terminal Velocity symbol is yours for free. Prime Gaming Rewards are the only method to get access to it.

As a result, to receive this limited-time deal, you’ll need to have an active Amazon Prime membership. Go to, go to your Prime Rewards area, and fill out the Prime Gaming Rewards page with your Destiny 2 information.

You should then be able to press ‘Redeem,’ which will allow you to access the products. The Polaris Lance Exotic Bundle will be waiting for you the next time you check into the game after that.

It would help if you manually unlocked the Terminal Velocity symbol after acquiring the package. Unfortunately, even though it’s part of the package, it not mention on the Prime Gaming website.

Then log in and talk to Amanda in the Tower Hangar. She’ll hand over the Polaris Lance Exotic Bundle and the Terminal Velocity insignia. This is important since you may not realize you need to do an additional step to get the symbol if you don’t do so. It is, however, yours permanently once you’ve unlocked it.