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How To Get Shadow In Sonic Speed Simulator?



Get Shadow In Sonic Speed Simulator

Get Shadow In Sonic Speed Simulator: The latest update to Sonic Speed Simulator has added many costumes and characters that can play. You may recognize Shadow the Hedgehog if you’re an avid Sonic enthusiast. 

Shadow is an arch-nemesis who have become friends with Sonic as Knuckles. But Shadow is an anti-hero speedster. Although his skin has revealed as a playable character, there’s no indication to identify the character. 

This is why we have a guide to unlocking Shadow within Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator.

How to Get Shadow in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator?

At present, there aren’t any official alternatives to getting Shadow. Although he confirm to include in the update, he only shown. Though it may be a little more difficult to locate him, we can try different solutions without a hint. Below are some ideas about how to get Shadow to unlock. Shadow:

  • You may find him and unlock him by taking some rewards. The rewards could include an exclusive item.
  • They are contingent on time. Therefore, you must take advantage of most of them since they become available after a specific period.
  • Shadow may be included in the “World 5,” which is currently in development.
  • Since Shadow isn’t included in the list of characters, Shadow can also possibly add to World 5.
  • Alternately you can. Also, he can be part of regular Updates or the weekly updates on Sonic Speed Simulator.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog can be an exclusive item purchased exclusively in the store.
  • Unlocking him is a secret quest that may require you to complete specific Obby or zones.

We will update this post when new information becomes available. Shadow is among the most loved characters from Sonic and Sonic 2, and we’ll get an update when someone is his identity within the community.

  • Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Shadow on the Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator. If you enjoyed this guide, take a look at our guide to the best way to earn Knuckles within Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator right here on Lazy Boom.


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