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Where can I get Rubber in my time at Sandrock?



get Rubber in my time at Sandrock

get Rubber in my time at Sandrock:  Rubber is one of the most challenging resources in My Time at Sandrock. You won’t find much of it, as it only comes from a few places. It cannot be easy to harvest Rubber. 

We recommend that you split your day and work on several projects. However, if you require it for crucial tasks, you may need to devote a whole day to it. You need to know this to find Rubber in My Time at Sandrock.

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Where can I get a rubber?

Rubber scraps are one of the best methods to get Rubber. You can drop off your rubber scrap piles or junk piles at the Salvage shop. 

To access the area, you will need a weekly pass. These piles are usually found right before the lift. 

From there, you can walk down to the ruin. You won’t likely find many junk piles so take what you can and bring it back to your Recycler for rubberizing.

The Breach is another way to find Rubber. The robots and the chest in this dungeon may contain Rubber. 

This will give you an immediate supply, rather than you having to break down Rubber Scraps at the Recycler. Each level of The Breach requires four hours of your time. 

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Make sure you are willing to spend the time to find it.

You can also pick up trash left by the citizens while you are out and about.

 You might be able to find Rubber after you clean up these areas, but it isn’t often found in the town. The Salvage Yard or The Breach is the best place to find it.

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