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How to Get League Medals in Clash Of Clans?



Get League Medals in Clash Of Clans

Get League Medals in Clash Of Clans:  Clash of Clans is a strategy game in real-time where you have to attack other bases and take control of your army. You will also need to defend your base against intruders by fortifying it. 

This will require a lot of resources. This is best done by purchasing a lot of League medals. League Medals are tokens you can use to exchange for resources at the Shop. This guide will explain how you can get League Medals in Clash Of Clans.

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How to get League Medals in Clash Of Clans

Clan War Leagues are War tournaments between 8 Clans. The tournament lasts 8 days, and each player gets one attack per day. The preparation day begins on the first day. As the name suggests, league Medals can obtain via Clan Wars League. 

After that, the attack and preparation phases take place simultaneously. Depending on how well you perform and which Clan War League position you finished, you will receive the League Medals in Clash Of Clans.

A Clan can assign a rank between Bronze III and Champion I. The more League Medals you receive, the higher your Clan’s Rank and the Clan War League position. Below is a breakdown of how much your Clan will get.

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This amount will depend on the success of your Clan. How many Stars were earned in war will affect the amount? Eight stars or more will give you the 100% amount. 7 stars will get 90%, 6 is 70%, 5 is 60%, 4 is 50%, 3 is 40%, 2 is 40%, and 1 is 30%. 0 stars will get 20% of Clan League Medals in Clash Of Clans.

You must be active in Clan Wars Leagues to earn steady League Medals. You may be wondering why? Because the Leader and Co-leader have the Ability to give Bonus League medals to those they consider worthy. Keep grinding. 

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This guide was about obtaining the League Medals. This guide should have helped you. Also, check out our Guide to Beat Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge In Clash Of Clans.

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