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How to get all four endings in Trek to Yomi



get all four endings in Trek to Yomi

get all four endings in Trek to Yomi:  The road to defeating Trek to Yomi splits into four possible endings in a few moments. Three of them boil down to a single decision – these are self-evident. You may not understand that there is a fourth hidden ending available. Continue reading to find out how to unlock all four.

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Path of Love, Path of Duty, & Path of Fury

These three are interconnected. There will be three separate times in the journey when the game will prompt you to select your course. The first two choices have no bearing on the outcome; the only one that counts is after Chapter 6.

 You’ll be offered a last trio of options while confronting the ghosts. We won’t detail what each ending includes, but selecting love, duty, or rejecting the gifts will result in the Path of Love, Duty, or Fury endings, respectively. 

That’s all there is to it. Consider saving your game and storing the file in the cloud or local storage if you want to view all the endings without redoing the whole game.

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Early End

The fourth ending occurs considerably earlier in the book, towards the conclusion of Chapter 3. You’re facing Kagerou for the first time as a samurai, and you’re supposed to lose the battle if you are caught in one of his multi-hit combos. 

However, winning this battle is feasible but very tough. It’s similar to the opening phase of the game’s final boss encounter with the Kagerou Demon. He mostly uses the combination above and single, hard slashes. 

At this point, your best bet for the combination is just to roll away. To harm with single blows, parry, and counter. You may be able to come out on top if you look for the telltale shine. 

This unlocks a special, early ending that we will not reveal. To view the remainder of the game’s chapters, you’ll need to reload your previous save file and voluntarily lose the battle.


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