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Genshin Impact players don’t want to be harsh to ordinary banners.



Genshin Impact players don't want to be harsh

Genshin Impact players don’t want to be harsh: Action RPG Genshin Impact is a game where you buy characters by spending Primogems on banners in the game. You can buy characters by paying Primogems on banners. Limited and Standard banners are two types of banners in the game.

There are two banner cycles for each new Genshin Impact update most of the time. Each banner cycle usually has one or two five-star characters that can only find for a few weeks. But the Standard banner is there for good. It has five characters on it: Diluc, Jean, Qiqi and Keqing, and Mona.

Because the Standard banner has a set of characters that can also drop on the little flag. There is no reason for players to spend Primogems on this banner. If you want a five-star character, you have to make 90 wishes.

The Standard banner has the same guarantee. As a side note, there is also a 50% chance that this five-star drop will have a character from the Standard banner. These rules make the Limited flag much more valuable, which has sparked a lot of discussion on the official Genshin Impact subreddit about how important it is.

Genshin Impact players don’t want to be harsh

Genshin Impact fans have been talking about a Reddit thread made by PantherYT about this issue, and it has drawn a lot of attention. To read their post, you might want to think about cutting the 90-wish guarantee down to at least 40 or 50 wishes and giving out more free Acquaint Fates. It takes a lot of desires to get Constellations for a character you want because five different characters have the same chance to drop.

Changes made by PantherYT are sure to make this banner more popular. Some people say that the Standard banner could soon have a new way to get five-star characters. Each time there is a significant change to Genshin Impact, there is a chance that the flag will change.

Hoyoverse, the game’s developer, keeps changing the game’s Limited banner. Almost every new update now has a double banner feature, which is the norm for most. With the latest version of the game, a flag pairs Kamisato Ayato with the Anemo support Venti.

Most double banners have two re-runs. The official Livestream event has said that Ayaka will be the only limited character in the second part of the update, which is coming soon. As a result, some people say that after the banner of Genshin Impact ends. There is a chance that there will be the third one.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. It can also play on PS5. A Switch version is being made.