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Genshin Impact leaks indicate Sumeru’s size, area, and geography.



Genshin Impact leaks indicate Sumeru's size area and geography

Genshin Impact leaks indicate Sumeru’s size, area, and geography:  Early leaks suggested that Version 3.0, anticipated to arrive immediately following Version 2.8, would include Sumeru, the country of knowledge.

Genshin Impact‘s army of leakers has been aggressively looking for and sharing details regarding Sumeru’s map area, size, geography, and other features that might help gamers imagine what the country could look like with just two updates left before the major release.

A tweet from @SusAmongusLeaks purports to show concept art for the impending beta test. Which has not yet give a release date for the general public.

The expansion on the left may disclose the sites of the last three countries: Fontaine (closest to Celestia), Nathan (near the volcano), and Snezhnaya. The green blocks depict the region purportedly inhabited by Sumeru (the ice field).

The Archon, affectionately referred to by the people of Sumeru as Lesser Lord Kusanali, is the ruler of this wise kingdom. The Sumeru Academia, considered the most distinguished institution in all of Teyvat, stands at the apex of its insatiable need for knowledge.

Beginning in 2022, a movie and grayscale map of the country publish. Showing an ascent toward what would the Academia at Sumeru City’s highest point.

Genshin Impact leaks indicate Sumeru’s size, area, and geography

According to a recent leak, Sumeru may have a temple near a harbor west of Watatsumi Island. According to this information, the port would be located within the bottom green block on the above map.

This would make it possible to access Sumeru from two different directions: Liyue and Inazuma.

According to information shared on Discord and Reddit by @genshinBLANK. The totality of Sumeru will far more significant than Liyue and will distribute in segments similar to Inazuma. As a result, players may get an exploring area between 50 and 75 percent the size of Liyue in the initial release of Version 3.0.

Given the terrain of Sumeru, which may include connected desert and rainforest regions, players can anticipate abrupt environmental shifts when exploring. This information was provided by @Ubatcha1.

The country’s geography is in agreement with the information give by NPC Liben. Who also said that Sumeru has turned into an unstable region. A study of topography data conducted by Reddit user u/PM ME YOUR ROBOT GIRL suggests. That Sumeru may also have some marshy areas.

Genshin Impact Version 2.9, which includes the Sumeru patch, is said to have started its private beta test. However, like when Version 1.6 became Version 2.0 in the Inazuma upgrade. This number is probably a placeholder for Version 3.0.

The release date for the public beta test, where more precise leaks often originate, has not yet been announced. However, once leakers access the public beta client, further details on Sumeru could become known.