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Genshin Impact Fans Want Big Quality of Life Changes



Genshin Impact Fans Want Big Quality of Life Changes

Genshin Impact Fans Want Big Quality of Life Changes:  Genshin Impact is one of many modern games. That have used the popularity of open-world settings to make it more interesting. Many people like Breath of the Wild. So this turned the continent of Teyvat into something that looked a lot like that. But it also had some downsides. Fans of Genshin Impact are now calling for a significant change in the way the game works, making clearing the game a lot easier.

There are many areas in Genshin Impact, and more add. They all have chests, mora, sellers, and other things hidden. Finding all of these hidden rewards can be a long and painful process. This is especially true because even if you reach 100% in a particular area. That doesn’t mean you’ve found all the secrets there.

It started when LightningShado asked miHoYo to change the map of Genshin Impact. So that any remaining secrets would show up when players reached 100% on a region. This is how it works: Players worried about exploring Teyvat would be much less stressed if they made this change in their lives.

LightningShado said they were always afraid that they had left behind materials or primogems in a place they had already cleared. MiHoYo also didn’t add this small but valuable feature to the game right from the start.

Genshin Impact Fans Want Big Quality of Life Changes

Even if the whole map isn’t changed, ArkassEX says that miHoYo should give the treasure compass an unlimited range. This is what he said. They also noted that the compass should be able to lock on to chests hidden by puzzles and mechanisms, which can be hard to see.

When TheQuestionableDuck said that in 2025, people would still be looking all over the map for a single standard chest that they missed in Mondstadt. A third person said that miHoYo seems to be keeping track of which bins most often forget, and sometimes it holds events near these places.

Their Reddit friend July-Thirty-First came up with a different idea: miHoYo could connect gamers’ exploration completion status to the official Genshin Impact interactive map. In this case, the map would be able to change in real-time based on what puzzles have add and what puzzles the player has finished.

However, this would require miHoYo to keep the official interactive map up to date. Which some people say the company doesn’t do. Many people said that they were tired of looking for chests and taking new routes. That weren’t on the official map to finish all of the regions in the game.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. It can also play on PS5. A Switch version is made.