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How to Fix Oculus Quest 2 Black Screen?



Fix Oculus Quest 2 Black Screen

Fix Oculus Quest 2 Black Screen:  Oculus Quest 2 can display a blank screen following prolonged use. Many users have encountered this problem following a reboot or a new software upgrade. 

A lot of users have to resort to resetting the whole headset. However, today we’ll examine other ways to fix the headset without the complete reset.

 This is how you can solve the black screen stuck when you start the headset after updating to Oculus Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 Black Screen Fix (2022)

To repair the black screen when you start the headset after updating Oculus Quest 2, you’ll apply a thin layer of tape to the Proximity Sensor. The headset will remove the black screen and display the images via the lens.

 This is usually the case when a third-party device places extra an distance in front of the Proximity Sensor or if an update accidentally alters the brightness that the sensors can detect.

The best method to solve this problem is using a thin piece of tape, as described above. It’ll behave the effect of being very right in front of the sensor. In addition, as per a comment from Cory Higgins in a YouTube video about the subject, Cory suggests disabling the Proximity Sensor completely. So let’s review Cory’s comments below:

If that doesn’t work, it is possible to download the developer’s hub from Oculus and Sidequest onto a computer and remove your sensors for proximity altogether. It is necessary to enable the developer options in the quest through the application. Then, allow the device. The headset was usable for approximately 40 seconds before it stopped working, and I would have to reboot it. I was able to permit my computer to access the headset swiftly.

If you’d prefer to perform an initial rest for your headset, take a look at this video by the developers:

This is all there is to know. Here’s how to fix the stuck black screen during startup following updating on Oculus Quest 2. While you’re here, please take a look at our other Oculus guides, such as how to connect and cast to Roku TV, how to connect and get Discord available on Quest 2, and how to reset and locate your Oculus Pin.


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