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First time in years, GPU prices are below MSRP



First time in years GPU prices are below MSRP

First time in years, GPU prices are below MSRP: Gamers, rejoice! GPU prices are once again dropping. Over the last several years, finding a good GPU at a reasonable price has been hard due to the high pricing caused by the crypto frenzy and chip scarcity. 

Even obtaining a flagship GPU required competing with scalpers and cryptocurrency guys, let alone being affordable. According to sources, GPU prices are now, for the first time, going below their MSRPs; thus, things are finally shifting in the GPU industry.

GPUs become cheaper

According to Tom’s Hardware, GPU costs decreased by 15% in May and decreased by 10% to 15% every month for the preceding several months. 

The decline in GPU pricing is mostly caused by the cryptocurrency meltdown and decreased profits in GPU mining, as you may have previously predicted.

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High-end GPUs, as a consequence, were left on the shelf with no buyers. For instance, the $2,000 Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is now apparently selling for $1,800. Such patterns may be seen consistently on other GPUs from both Nvidia and AMD.

In resale marketplaces like eBay, the price reduction is much more noticeable. Returning to the RTX 3090 Ti illustration, it was stated that the GPU’s pricing on eBay fell from $1,829 on June 1 to $1,670 by mid-June. 

The trend indicates that it will undoubtedly decline much further. Be cautious when purchasing GPUs from eBay since they may have been heavily used for cryptocurrency mining.

It looks like a perfect moment to get a new GPU if you want to enhance your gaming setup. However, be aware that the Ada Lovelace RTX 4000 series from Nvidia and the rDNA 3 series from AMD are about to arrive and are anticipated to provide significant advancements.

I’m happy GPUs are again becoming available and inexpensive, even if it hurts to look at my cryptocurrency holdings right now. Are you soon going to purchase a new GPU? Please tell us in the comments.

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