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Where Can You Find Untainted Hearts in V Rising?



 Find Untainted Hearts in V Rising:  You’ll almost certainly need an Unsullied Heart or two as you move farther into your new life as a vampire in V Rising.

Getting Greater Blood Essence is crucial if you want to create additional servant’s coffins and increase your army of evil, and that’s where Unsullied Hearts will come in handy.

Everything you need to know about finding Unsullied Hearts in V Rising is here.

In V Rising, you may find untainted hearts.

Most players will initially get Unsullied Hearts as drops from the different V Blood Bosses across the globe. You may monitor these bosses using the Blood Altar in your castle, beat them for more blueprints, recipes, and even abilities, and perhaps pick up an Unsullied Heart.

You may speed up the process by hunting down previously defeated V Blood Bosses, mainly if you are at a higher level.
There’s also the possibility that an Unsullied Heart may drop as treasure from foes at random.

Everything in the V Rising universe may drop an Unsullied Heart, from animals to different bandits and thugs, and as you travel between V Blood Bosses, you should kill everything in sight to give yourself a greater chance.

If you can’t locate an Unsullied Heart to produce Greater Blood Essence, keep in mind that your Blood Press can make one from 150 Blood Essence. Just make sure you first receive the recipe.

Unlike the more frequent Tainted Hearts, Unsullied Hearts are a considerably rarer commodity if you’re looking for a drop. To have the best chance of finding Unsullied Hearts in V Rising, be sure to complete the instructions outlined above.

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