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Where to Find The Eternal Darkness Spell in Elden Ring



Find The Eternal Darkness Spell in Elden Ring

Find The Eternal Darkness Spell in Elden Ring: Do you want to know more about studying Sorcery and your fellow Tarnished? Here’s a spell that blocks all incoming magical attacks (except Dragon-Breath) in Elden Ring. Eternal Darkness is a spell in Sorcery that addresses the ability to be intelligent. 

Like the dark hole, the Eternal Darkness creates a void that blocks and inflicts damage on the enemies it targets. The sorcery spell is useful during PvP battles. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on where you can find this Eternal Darkness spell in Elden Ring.

Where can I Find Elden Ring’s Eternal Darkness Magical Spell of Elden Ring?

The Eternal Darkness spell in the prison of the Swamp Lookout Tower in CaelidFollow the following steps to find the location:

  • Since it is a crime to practice Sorcery in Sellia, it is necessary to go into Sellia, the village located in Sellia within Caelid.


  • Once you have reached Caelid when you reach Caelid, turn toward the direction of the northeast toward the hills of Sella’s upper reaches. Of Sellia.


  • When you are on your way, you’ll come across your first stop, the Sellia under-stair, which is the place of Grace. You can stop and save your business there.


  • From there, you have to go in the southwest direction.


  • When you reach The Church of Plague, you can start by following Millicent’s questline when you arrive at the Church of Plague.


  • We must descend the hills and then pass over Sellia’s gateway. Sellia Gateway.


  • After you have left the gate, you’ll notice castle ruinations. Then, proceed toward the damaged structure.


  • You must fight your opponent, Darrell the Bloodhound, who guards the prison.


  • After defeating him, go to the prison of the Swamp Lookout Tower.


  • There is the Eternal Darkness sorcery spell near the body of a dead.


  • It is among the Night sorceries and uses fifteen Stamina. Eternal Darkness spell has a cost of FPof 25 and uses 35 Intelligence traits.


This is all there is to know about where to locate how to use the Eternal Darkness spell in Elden Ring. If you liked this article take a look at our other guides on making magical spells more powerful and the most effective Sacred seals, and the best way to acquire and utilize Dragon Breath within Elden Ring right here on Lazy Boom.