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Where can I find Omni Chips on The Joneses in Fortnite?



find Omni Chips on The Joneses in Fortnite

 find Omni Chips on The Joneses in Fortnite:  The most recent Fortnite update added a different set of tasks to players who play the Omni Sword quests within the game. 

Omni Chips are required to unlock additional style variations to The Omni Sword harvesting device as well as these Quests can only obtain by players who have Battle Pass. 

Battle Pass. For this week’s quest, users must locate three Omni Chips at The Joneses POI.

find Omni Chips on The Joneses in Fortnite

The entire Omni Chips locations at The Joneses in Fortnite

The Joneses is among the best places to drop your high-level loot. So, players should expect many opponents to arrive at this spot. Therefore, we suggest acquiring weapons and shields first before beginning one of these Quests. 

The players must visit Shell and High Waters landmark and Coney Crossroads POI to gather Omni Chips. Take a look at those circles in red shown on this map to find the three Omni Chips in The Joneses.

The first one is situated underneath the blue boat, flipped, and located in the middle of the POI. You can walk crouch-down underneath the ship to find it. Omni Chip.

The other Omni Chip is located on the west part of the POI, situated on the pier near the small pond.

The 3rd Omni Chip can find on the first floor in the greenhouse located at The Joneses Point of Interest. Utilize the stairs to get to the bottom below and then go through the prison entrance to retrieve the item.