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Where Can I Find Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring? (Location)



Find Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring

Find Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring: When you’re required to carry every powerful tool and spirit to improve your performance within the Elden Ring, you also must keep your eyes up. As the name implies, the Fingerprint Stone shield is one of the Greatshields that focuses on the character’s strengths. 

It’s among the largest shields and can be used to push close to enemies. This is why we have a guide for where to purchase Elden Ring’s Fingerprint Stone shield in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Fingerprint Stone Shield Location

  • The shield is located in The Cathedral of Forsaken, situated within the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.
  • But before you can get the Ancient Greatshield, you need to take on Mohg The Omen in the distance.
  • When you move through this zone, you may encounter several Frenzy Nomads and other foes.
  • It is also possible to travel quickly through this area of the Lost Depths If you’ve been to this website of Grace.
  • After you’ve defeated Mohg or the Omen, you will be able to collect the treasure chest beneath the altar lit by candles.
  • And then jump over the altar to discover the secret passageway.
  • When you go straight in the correct direction, you’ll come across the timber bridge. You must drop carefully onto the gravestones and the wooden beams.
  • In the beginning, you must drop a wooden bridge that connects to two Alcoves. Then, you can drop down onto another beam of wood after this.
  • Then, descend to a grave sticking out.
  • From there, you’ll see a grave with glowing runes. Go to that gravestone to take the runes you lost.
  • Then, it would help if you descended onto your side gravestone.
  • Finally, you’ll drop into your tombstone with the dead body.
  • When you have collected the remains of the Pillage, You can then get The Incantation of Inescapable Frenzy and go through a narrow passageway.
  • Make a left and locate a Fingerprint Stone Shield at the beginning of the passage.

How do I Utilize the Fingerprint Shield?

  • The Greatshield is a hefty 29.0 and inflicts the Madness status building-up against foes.
  • It comes with a default ability called Shield Bash, which consumes Ten Focus Points (FP).
  • You could upgrade the Fingerprint Shield with consumables and make it magical by enchanting it with magic.
  • Additionally, it is also possible to add Ashes of War on this shield.
  • Instead of parrying, you can utilize this shield to avoid enemies nearby and boss battles.

Then you can find Elden Ring’s Fingerprint Stone shield in Elden Ring. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to read the other guidebooks on how to locate Urumi and the Banished Knight Armor and the Flame and the Grant Me the strength incantation within Elden Ring right here on Lazy Boom.