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FIFA 2022 will use semi-automated offside technology.



FIFA 2022 will use semi-automated offside technology

FIFA 2022 will use semi-automated offside technology: The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will begin on November 21. Semi-automated offside technology will deploy, providing a support tool for the video match officials and the on-field officials to make quicker, more precise. And more repeatable offside rulings on the grandest stage of all.

After the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, when VAR successfully implement. FIFA President Gianni Infantino said in The Vision 2020–23. That FIFA would work to use technology in football and further develop VAR fully.

The FIFA has been at the forefront of gaming technology for the last three years. FIFA has spent the past several years enhancing the VAR system, including the deployment of semi-automated offside technology. In collaboration with Adidas and several partners, including the Working Group for Innovation Excellence and technology vendors.

The new system tracks the ball using 12 specialized cameras positioned below the stadium’s roof. It analyzes up to 29 data points for each player, 50 times per second. To determine their precise location on the field.

All limbs and extremities that are important for determining offside include in the 29 data points gathered. In addition, Al Rihla will provide an additional crucial component for identifying narrow offside situations. Adidas’ official match ball for Qatar 2022. Since an inertial measuring unit (IMU) sensor will insert within the ball.

The kick point may identify with extreme precision thanks to this sensor located in the center of the ball and feeds ball data to the video operation room 500 times per second.

The innovative system automatically alerts the video match officials inside the video operation room if the ball receiv by an attacker in an offside position when a teammate played the ball by merging the limb- and ball-tracking data and using artificial intelligence.

The video match officials verify the automatically generated kick point and the automatically generated offside line. Based on the computed locations of the players’ limbs, before advising the on-field referee of the proposed decision.

FIFA 2022 will use semi-automated offside technology

Offside judgments may make more quickly and precisely thanks to this technique, which takes a few seconds to complete.

The same positional data points used to make the decision are then generated into a 3D animation that precisely depicts the position of the players’ limbs at the time the ball play. This is done after the decision has confirm by the video match officials and the referee on the field.

This 3D animation will then exhibite on the stadium’s massive displays and made accessible to FIFA’s broadcast partners to notify all fans as clearly as possible. As a result, it will always provide the most pleasing views for an offside scenario.

The linked ball technology and semi-automated offside process have successfully test at several test events and actual FIFA competitions. Including the FIFA Club World Cup 2021 and the FIFA Arab Cup 2021.

The new technology could assist the video match officials during these matches by enabling them to make offside rulings that were quicker, more precise, and more repeatable.

The MIT Sports Lab has analyzed and verified the data gathered during online and offline testing. And TRACK at Victoria University has scientifically confirmed the limb-tracking technology. A research team at ETH Zurich is offering further information on the technical capabilities of such multi-camera tracking systems.

To guarantee that the new technology can utilize in the world of football. Further testing will carry out in the following months to optimize the system before a worldwide standard is put into place.

The teams that have qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022 will give all the information on the semi-automated offside technology setup and the linked ball technology during the Team Workshop in Doha on the 4 and 5 July. After which it will make available to the general public.

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