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FAU-G Independence Day Update Adds Free-for-All Team Deathmatch



FAU-G Independence Day Update Adds Free-for-All Team Deathmatch

FAU-G Independence Day Update Adds Free-for-All Team Deathmatch.

FAU-G has an Independence Day update that adds a new free-for-all mode in Team Deathmatch. It also brings a new operator and some bug fixes to the game. The game was announced in September 2020 after the PUBG Mobile ban in India. It has been developed by the Bangalore-based studio nCore Games and initially offered a single-player campaign, but later expanded to a multiplayer game with two modes in Team Deathmatch. In addition, the developer has made the tracks of the game available to the public.

FAU-G, which stands for Fearless and United Guards, was released on January 26 of this year after many delays since its announcement in September 2020. The game originally had a single-player campaign that felt repetitive and mediocre. Then in June developer nCore Games added the 5v5 Team Deathmatch mode to the game, though it was through a separate app called FAU-G: Multiplayer (Early Access) in Google play. This app now has a new free-for-all mode where 10 players fight each other and the one with the highest number of kills at the end wins.

This free-for-all team deathmatch mode in FAU-G may also be referred to as 1v9 modes, such as Announced by the developer on Twitter.

In addition to the new mode, the update adds a new operator called Dhillon that you can choose at the start of a match. FAU-G gets some bug fixes based on community feedback, and since the game is in Early Access, the developer has added more slots so now more players can jump on board to try it out.

Additionally, all six tracks in the game have been released to the public on Youtube on the official nCore Games channel. They are part of a playlist called FAU-G OST and have been composed by Saar Singhal.

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