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Facebook Parent Meta to Launch Horizon Worlds on Web and Mobile



Facebook Parent Meta to Launch Horizon Worlds on Web and Mobile: Meta is working on making its social platform Horizon Worlds, available on the web and phones and tablets. In a recent tweet, Meta’s CTO, Andrew Bosworth, said that Horizon Worlds’ web version is coming soon. He defended Meta’s 47.5 percent cut on each transaction.

Horizon Worlds to Launch on the Web by Meta

You need a Meta Quest VR headset to use the Horizon Worlds platform, but this isn’t set in stone. The web version, however, will change that for the better soon. Also, Meta said that Horizon Worlds would be coming to phones later this year.

The development comes after a tweet about Meta’s 47.5 percent cut: 30 percent from the Meta Quest Store and 17.5 percent of the platform fee. As soon as Horizon goes live on the web, the platform fee will limited to 25%. Bosworth says this in a tweet. When Horizon’s web version comes out, the fee for the Horizon platform will only be 25%, which is a lot less than the fees for other world-building platforms.

As a side note, Apple also recently talked about Meta’s 47.5 percent cut, which Apple said was unfair. Meta has taken issue with Apple in the past for charging developers a 30% commission on in-app purchases in the App Store. They have used small businesses and creators as a scapegoat at every turn.

It’s now Meta’s goal to charge those same creators a lot more than any other platform. When Meta made the announcement, it was clear that Meta isn’t that different from the other people. It shows that even though they want to use Apple’s platform for free, they’re happy to take from the creators and small businesses who use their own, says Sainz, who added:

When Facebook Parent Meta to Launch Horizon Worlds on Web and Mobile came out in December 2021, it was only for people who live in the United States or Canada.