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You Can Experience 4 Different Cultures in India



Experience 4 Different Cultures in India

 Experience 4 Different Cultures in India: From the sixteenth century up to the country’s independence in 1947. India has been the host of colonies of foreign visitors. Even after India attained independence, many foreigners continued to reside there.

The former colonies of French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Jewish inhabitants still provide a look into the cultures of many people, from the architecture to the delectable cuisines.

Therefore, you don’t need to go outside if you’re eager to see India as an authentic Portuguese, Jewish, or Persian would. But, on the other hand, India’s culture is something you may also appreciate.

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Puducherry (French settlement)

Another name for Puducherry is the French Riviera of the East. The old French colony is a stunning example of how Indian customs and French architecture can coexist.

The French Quarter’s boulevard lined with bougainvillea-covered walls is the ideal location to take shots and videos for your Instagram account.

Kochi (Jewish Settlement)

The Jews who made it to the Malabar Coast during the reign of King Solomon of Israel are claimed to have settled at Fort Kochi when the kingdom was split in two.

The 16th-century Paradesi Synagogue and the charming shops around make the location renowned. The area’s churches and fragrant spice stores also draw a lot of tourists.

Mumbai (Parsi Settlement)

Old records indicate that Parsis initially settled in Gujarat’s Sanjan Town before eventually relocating to Maharashtra, particularly in Mumbai. As a result, most Parsis in India currently reside in the country’s financial hub.

The affluent neighborhood of Dadar Parsi Colony is where you may see art deco structures. It is the location of the famous five gardens.

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Kolkata (Chinese Settlement)

The Tangra neighborhood of Kolkata is home to the Chinese community in India. More than 5000 Indians of Chinese ancestry dwell in Old China Market in Central Kolkata, where they continue to practice Chinese culture and customs.

You could fall in love with the historical heritage buildings in China Town that decorate with paper lanterns. Additionally, you can get authentic Chinese cuisine here, and the enormous celebration of the Chinese New Year is not to miss.

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