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How do you earn soul shards in V Rising?



Earn soul shards in V Rising

Earn soul shards in V Rising:  Soul Shards are a strong V Rising resource that, if gathered, may dramatically increase your total power levels. These are generally obtained after the game and will aid you in fighting the game’s most fearsome bosses.

 Many players may be unaware of how to get them since they are inaccessible for most of the game. As a result, we’ve compiled a tutorial on how to get Soul Shards in V Rising.

How can I get Soul Shards?

Soul Shards, as previously stated, are end-game materials that improve your qualities. There are now three Soul shards in the game, each enhancing a different aspect of the user’s stats. All three Soul Shards are shown here, along with their qualities.

  • Soul Shard of Behemoth: Boosts garlic and holy resistance by 50%, increases resource collecting by 20%, and increases movement speed by 5percent.
  • Winged Horror Soul Shard: Boosts fire and silver resistance by 50 percent, spell strength up to 10%, and spell critical hit chance increases by five percent.
  • Soul Shard of Solarus: Boosts the sun’s resistance by 50 percent, strength resistance by 10 percent, and the speed of melee attacks by five percent.

To get all three Soul Shards, you must use the Eye of Twilight, only accessible later in the game. 4x Gold Ingot and 4x Spectral Dust require to make Eye of Twilight.

 Interact with the gadget after it construct, and it’ll automatically mark the bosses with Soul Shards on the global map. If you defeat the bosses, you’ll get the Soul Shards.

The Soul Shards location bosses fix in the PvE form of the game; however, on PvP servers, there is only one Soul Shard per server. Thus, every clan will strive to get it. 

Additionally, any player that has access to Eye of Twilight will be able to locate the Soul Shard. As a result, you may have to steal it from others or beat other players to get it.