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DuckDuckGo Privacy Web Browser Now Available on Mac; Windows Version Soon!



A web browser for desktops was released by the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo at the end of last year. Now, the Mac version of the web browser has been released. 

It comes with many privacy-friendly features, like automatic web-tracker blocking, a new cookie pop-up protection feature, and more. Let’s get into the specifics right away.

DuckDuckGo Web Browser for Mac Is Now Available in Beta

DuckDuckGo says that its web browser app for Mac is an “all-in-one privacy solution for everyday browsing with no complicated settings.”

 It has a powerful tracker blocker, email protection, a password manager, and its famous “Fire” button that lets users clear their browsing history and tabs with a single click.

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The DuckDuckGo browser has a new cookie pop-up protection feature that stops those annoying cookie consent pop-ups that show up on websites when you open them for the first time.

 This feature is called Cookie Pop-Up Protection. If the feature is turned on, it will choose the option that blocks or minimises cookies that might use to track people, the company says. 

50% of websites will be able to use it during the beta phase. As the testing goes on, more websites will be added.

A privacy feed will also appear on the browser’s home page, similar to the Privacy Report on Safari’s home page. Users will also be able to see this feed. 

The DuckDuckGo privacy feed, on the other hand, will let users manage their data and clear them more quickly. Plus, it will block some content on websites like Facebook that use embedded trackers, and it will show users a message to let them back in (image above).

DuckDuckGo says that its new browser has the same rendering engine as Safari and is faster than Chrome, one of Macs’ fastest browsers. Another thing that the company wants people to know is that the new DuckDuckGo browser uses 60% less data than Chrome.

There is also support for a built-in Smarter Encryption technology that makes it easier for people to use encryption more often when they go to a site. 

There are also all the features you would expect from a web browser, like password management and tab management.

Users can join a private waitlist to get the new DuckDuckGo browser for Mac when it’s ready for public use. Download the DuckDuckGo app and tap the “Join a Private Waitlist” button from the in-app settings to join a private waitlist. People at the company say that there will also be a version for Windows soon.