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Dragon Ball Z figures with firearms scare Fortnite gamers.



Dragon Ball Z figures with firearms scare Fortnite gamers: Many players are giddy with anticipation for the imminent addition of Dragon Ball Z-themed gear to Fortnite because they want to participate in victorious royales with their favorite anime characters.

Some people are shuddering with horror, not just because of their thin wallets but also because of the new arrivals.

See, some people are more worried about Goku giving up his magical abilities in favor of an improved DMR.

Players of Fortnite don’t want to Goku-capped.

Their worries discus in a discussion on ResetEra that started when user —R shared the tweet from the official Fortnite account previewing the appearance of the Dragon Ball Z goodies on August 16 in the game.

Their other users’ first responses to the announcement were mostly enthusiastic. The Iceman2288 commented: “Looks pretty amazing, season’s been a little lackluster, hoping this injects some life into it,” while J-Skee added: “They always find a way to make me reinstall every few months.”

Some fans of Dragon Ball mythology expressed their opinions on Goku becoming Glocku more forcefully, with user LiK saying: “I’m in if young Bulma is part of it.

Helix continued: “Saiyans don’t require firearms when they are naturally carrying heat. She works wonderfully with guns.”

While others examined their in-game money balances in response to the rumor that Bulma, Vegeta, Goku, and Beerus would the four skins include in the update, DontHateTheBacon commented: “welp… Fortunately, I have now used up all of the V Bucks from the battle pass. I’m going to use them this coming week, I see.

No matter how low your Fortnite bank account may be at the following week’s conclusion, be sure to stick with us for more news and how-to guides to help you get skins and level up your talents to Ninja’s level.

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