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How to defeat the Kagerou Demon in Trek to Yomi



defeat the Kagerou Demon in Trek to Yomi

defeat the Kagerou Demon in Trek to Yomi:  Trek to Yomi isn’t difficult to beat, but you’ll still have to confront your foe before the credits roll. You’ll have encountered bosses like the Sanjuro Demon by the time you return to your hamlet for the showdown, but the Kagerou Demon is another beast. Here’s how to get rid of him for good.

The first phase is similar to every other samurai fight. Kagerou has both basic heavy swipes and multi-hit combinations. Be ready to dodge and counter the harder blows when you detect that telltale gleam. This is your moment to wreak havoc.

The combination is more difficult, and if you do it wrong, you’re in for many stab wounds. Parries and counters, fortunately, replenish your health. Concentrate on them, and don’t get greedy with your return hits, and you’ll take down Kagerou.

You have lots of instruments to work with, so feel free to pepper him with ranged assaults.
The second phase is when Kagerou transforms into a demon. His body will burst into flames, and he will obtain new magical abilities.

The first is an energy ring that bursts in a modest explosion. Roll away as soon as you see the white ring forming around you. On the earth, Kagerou may create oil and flames. These will fade away in a few moments, so stay away from that area of the arena until they are gone.

Finally, he may soar into the air before bursting with a surge of energy, so keep your distance if you see him rising. Otherwise, continue doing damage with the same parries, counters, and ranged strikes.

Finally, after his second-phase health bar is nearly half drained, he will request assistance. You’ve dealt with opponents like the ones he summons before, so keep your cool and exchange parries and counters to destroy them fast.

This is another excellent chance to replenish your health before Kagerou returns.
You’ll have gone a long way by the time you confront this last monster. You’ll come out on top if you remember to touch those parries to keep yourself healthy while harming.

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