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What Does Dattebayo Mean in Naruto?



Dattebayo Mean in Naruto

Dattebayo Mean in Naruto:  Naruto is among the most popular and well-loved manga and anime series, especially for novices and veteran fans. Unfortunately, like many times when it comes to Japanese culture imported to the West, the meaning can lose in translation.

 Naruto’s famous catchy line “dattebayo” is no exception. So let’s look at what the word “dattebayo” signifies in Naruto.

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Naruto’s Catchphrase Dattebayo Meaning

Anyone with great taste and sophistication who chooses to watch anime in their native Japanese will inform that English natives notice certain words and phrases.

Baka (stupid foolish) is an excellent illustration, while the term Nani (what?) is another. The words are distinctive because of the frequency of their appearance in different anime and the tonality of how they usually use. Especially in shonen anime like Naruto.

Dattebayo (datsutebayo) has initially translate into English to 

mean “Believe it!” However, it became an idiom for Naruto during the initial seasons of the series, usually being used as an exclamation for the main character.

Later on, dattebayo could simplify to mean “ya know” and use less frequently in conversations.

It is important to note that dattebayo is not a direct English equivalent and continues to be somewhat polarized among translators.

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However, the consensus believe that dattebayo is an informal phrase use to show an individual is confident about what they’re declaring.

Naruto often used the expression dattebayo following a sentence to emphasize the meaning and emphasis. One example, translated into English, would include: “I’m not going to run away, and I’ll never back on my word. That is the way I ninjas do it! Believe it!”

Interestingly, this quirk or tic that Naruto has genetically inherite. Both Naruto’s mother, Kushina, and his son Boruto have the same abnormality (with slight variations) when they speak.

These vocal tics can a sufficient feature in anime dubbed, and in Naruto, various characters frequently employ phrases. This helps non-Japanese-speaking viewers to better differentiate between speakers.

It’s all you should be aware of what the word “dattebayo” means to you in Naruto.


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