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Creepy Video Shows Elden Ring Enemies Combined.



Creepy Video Shows Elden Ring Enemies Combined

Creepy Video Shows Elden Ring Enemies Combined: Despite being the lightest of FromSoftware’s twisted dark fantasy games, Elden Ring has plenty of scary moments for players. As players go through The Lands Between, it becomes evident that not all scares introduce on purpose. One Elden Ring gamer recently saw a strange incidence of two foes fusing and recorded it.

Elden Ring has a variety of opponents, some odder than others. The Living Jars and Glintstone Sorcerers are both terrifying with their scuttling limbs and enormous stone skulls. The mix of the two adds to their terrifying aspect.

Creepy Video Shows Elden Ring Enemies Combined

Alarming-Spend-5405 recently uploaded a minute-long video of a strange encounter with a unique malfunction. The problem occurs while a player faces a Glintstone Sorcerer on a rooftop surrounded by Living Jars. The player looks to be doing well until they slay the Glintstone Sorcerer. Like more minor, less chatty versions of famous NPC Iron Fist Alexander.

Sorcerer, the player engages another of the many opponents on the rooftop. As soon as the body touches the ground, the player dodges a leaping strike from a Living Jar. When the Living Jar resurrects, the Flintstone Sorcerer’s body follows, giving the illusion that the two adversaries have united. To finish off the horde of attackers, the player spends the next 50 seconds dodging strikes and stumbling toward them.

Other fans appear to impress by this strange Elden Ring issue. Several people remarked that this coincides with the Living Jars’ lore, which is said to house the corpses of great warriors to grow stronger. One user thought it would be cool if these enemies purposefully bonded with or consumed other opponents. However, it appears that Alarming-Spend-5405 was a bug. It doesn’t appear to have hampered the Living Jar’s abilities.

Elden Ring is currently available on PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, and Series X/S.