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How to Create and Sell Merchandise in Roblox YouTube Life



Create and Sell Merchandise in Roblox YouTube Life:  In the most recent update to Roblox YouTube Life, the developers have added the capability to create and sell products to their customers. 

It’s one of the most frequently requested features from the community since it allows players to keep and improve their interaction with followers. 

To create and sell products on Roblox YouTube Live, players need to revive the channel with a minimum of 10 billion users.

Create and Sell Merchandise in Roblox YouTube Life

How to Rebirth in Roblox YouTube Life

To revive to rebirth Roblox YouTube Life, follow the instructions below.

  • The essential requirements for rebirth on Roblox YouTube Life are to have an account that has at least 10 billion subscribers.
  • Then, locate the Studios building within the main lobby. Take the picture for an illustration.
    • Meet the mustache guy outside the Studio building to rebirth your channel.
    • Remember that you’ll lose all your subscriber’s awards, cash, Computer, and apartment as you go through resurrection.

How can you make a product within Roblox YouTube Life?

After rebirthing, you will be able to gain access through the Studio’s location within the game. Once you have entered the building, you will observe the shelves in front of you.

 Engage with the shelves, and you’ll be able to create products from scratch. At first, you’ll be in a position to sell clothing and Hoodies

As you revive every day and more, you’ll be able to sell different kinds of products. You can make a lot of money by selling items and keeping your viewers entertained.

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