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How to complete the Halladay and Friends Program in MLB: The Show 22?



complete the Halladay and Friends Program in MLB: The Show 22:  Show 22’s latest main program, the Halladay and Friends, is now available. All XP earned in all game modes will be added to the Halladay and Friends program. 

You can unlock 40 levels and earn lots of rewards. So how do you get the Halladay and Friends program completed?

You can earn XP in any game mode. 

However, to progress through the program, you will need to participate in special missions. First, select Featured Program to choose the task you wish to complete from the Diamond Dynasty main Menu. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the list.

You will find Daily Moments and Featured Programm Moments, and Weekly Missions. There is also a Conquest that you can complete. These missions will give you more XP and boost your progress through the program.

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complete the Halladay and Friends Program in MLB: The Show 22

Daily Moments

Daily Moments are a way to earn 1,000 XP per day. Everyday Moments can be completed in one game and are usually on veteran or rookie difficulty. Therefore, you can make a lot of XP by completing three Daily Moments each day.

Moments from Featured Programming

You have 10 Featured Programm Moments that you can complete. Each one rewards 2,000 XP. You can take control of the players by completing a specific game situation. You can try the players out and earn as much as 20,000 XP.

Weekly Missions

Weekly missions can earn Parallel XP or play in gameplay situations. For example, you will need to earn Parallel XP by playing with Legend or Flashback players in Week 1. Click on the Week 1 mission to see the highlighted players for each task.

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complete the Halladay and Friends Program in MLB: The Show 22

Ringing Bell Conquest

You can find the Ringing Bell Conquest in single-player games. It will reward you with 30,000 XP towards Halladay or Friends for completing all conquest objectives. 

Conquest goals are easy and don’t have any timed plans, so you will eventually conquer the entire map. The Ringing Bell Conquest will also reward Armed Forces bat skins and socks, expiring on June 3.

You will need to work hard to earn the Halladay and Friends program’s 500,000 XP. You will still need to make more XP even if you have completed all the missions. Daily Moments and weekly tasks can help you finish the program.

 Check back often to see if new missions are available. You can also earn rewards from the Halladay and Friends program by completing them before June 3.

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