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Codes for Anime Adventures (August 2022)



Codes for Anime Adventures

Codes for Anime Adventures: A tower defense game centered on anime characters and their storylines is called Anime Adventures. For instance, you may protect Namek, the Hidden Leaf Village, and other well-known anime locales.

Your troops are drawn from many anime series, including Krillin, Sasuke, and Sakura. You may improve your warriors or add more to your hotspots with the money you earn.

You may get Gems and Summoning Tickets by entering the codes below. They might be challenging to reach in the game, and Gems alone will offer you the advantage you need to advance.

Gems do the same purpose as Summoning Tickets, giving you access to additional characters for usage in stages. If the codes expire, please let us know.

Visit Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – Free Chikara Shards & Yen, Roblox Anime Clash, and Roblox Anime Masters for additional codes for games like Anime Adventures. By using these codes, you will get a competitive advantage and seem to be a great player.

List of all Anime Adventures codes

August 16, 2022 update

Today no new codes were discovered.

Codes for Anime Adventures (Working)

The complete list of active Anime Adventures codes is shown below.


GHOUL for 250 Gems (New)

for a summon ticket using subtomaokuma.

Use this code on FictioNTheFirst to get one to summon a ticket.

Use this code to get one (1) summon ticket from SubToKelvingts.

Redeem this voucher for one extra summons ticket in TOADBOIGAMING.

Use this code to get one extra summon ticket from KingLuffy.

Use this code, subtosnowrbx, to get one (1) summon ticket.

Calypso: Use this code to get a single summon ticket.

Redeem this voucher for one extra summons ticket in SubToBlamspot.

Redeem this coupon to get one (1) summon ticket.

Codes for Anime Adventures (Expired)

These Anime Adventures coupons are no longer valid.


FIRSTRAIDS: Exchange for gifts.

Redeem for 200 Gems using DATA FIX

Use this coupon at Marineford to get 250 Gems.

RELEASE: Use this code to get 50 Gems.


Use this code to get 100 Gems on GINYUFIX.

Please redeem this voucher for 200 Gems. SORRYFORSHUTDOWN


FAQ for Anime Adventures

Anime Journeys Answers to frequently requested questions

How to use codes for Anime Adventures

It’s simple to redeem coupons for Anime Adventures.

the start of Anime Adventures

Enter the starting area and get to the CODES circle. It will be on your left and state CODES in enormous floating letters.

You’ll see a text box as soon as you enter.

In the text field, type the code.

To redeem your rewards, click Redeem.

How are more Anime Adventures coupons obtained?

Since we are committed to updating it often, bookmark this page to stay up to date with Anime Adventures codes. You may also sign up for Discord, where new regulations issued and published.

You may check the current codes by going to the Announcements Channel. Since each code contained inside a code block, adding it to your game is simple to copy and paste.

Why don’t my codes for Anime Adventures work?

For various reasons, your Anime Adventures codes could not function. The most likely explanation is that you could have entered a code erroneously, or it might have expired.

If you come across any expired codes, do let us know in the comments so we can test them.

Anime Adventures: What Is It?

A tower defense game with an anime theme call Anime Adventures. It’s most intriguing when moving about the city outside the levels.

This is an oversized, wealthy item that seems well crafted. You may earn a profit by improving your anime warriors and reselling extras that you don’t need.

You may swap them out before levels so that you have predetermined teams.

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