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How to catch and locate Largemouth Bass in Stardew Valley



catch and locate Largemouth Bass in Stardew Valley:  Fishing in Stardew Valley is one of the methods you can finish the Community Center’s mission and restore the town to its former glory. Some bundles cover each aspect of the sport involved, from hunting, mining, and fishing. 

This one, called the Fishing Bundle, can be one of the most difficult to complete as the majority of the fish caught in the game are only seen in specific weather conditions and during certain seasons.

One of the most popular fish species can be The Largemouth Bass, but it can be not easy to catch when you don’t know what to look for. So if you’re having trouble seeing one, here’s all you should be aware of.

Where can you find and catch Largemouth Bass in Stardew Valley?

It believ that the Largemouth Bass is part of the Lake Fish Bundle located in the Community Center, but it does not spawn in any lake. Therefore, it is only possible to capture this fish at Mountain Lake, just outside the mines and in the Adventurer’s Guild, between 6 am and midnight. 

It can catch in any weather condition and at any time of the year, but it gets more scarce at certain times of the year. Largemouth Bass will comprise about 15% of the fish caught in winter and summer. However, it jumps to about 20% during the fall and spring seasons.

Largemouth Bass are also available at any time of the year and are an ideal fish to fish if you’ve got an hour to spare and are in the correct location. 

They’re moderately tricky to catch, with an average score of 50, which is a lot higher than the 30 Difficulty of Sunfish. You may need to build up your fishing ability or buy a more powerful rod before you can catch one reliably.

If you’re not interest in fishing for one of these fish, you could sometimes find one offered through the Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest, and you may also find one in trash cans of people when you search for these.


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