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How to Choose the Right Car Rental Insurance for Business Travel?



Choosing the Right Car Rental Insurance for Business Travel –

Car rental is often an integral part of planning a business trip. Before you or your employees land on a business trip, you will need to have an idea of ​​ground transportation. There are circumstances when a rental car is better suited to your needs than a taxi or a carpool. Beyond specific requests about the car itself, the car rental process also includes finding adequate insurance, one that will not include unnecessary expenses but will also cover you in any case.

How to Choose the Right Car Rental Insurance for Business Travel

Insurance in case of accident or damage is definitely something important, and in case you don’t have it, auto dealers will not hesitate to sue you for the slightest damage to the car. This article presents important details that are worth knowing when deciding what insurance to buy for the car you have rented.

Car rental companies trust CDW insurance, which covers possible damage to the rented vehicle. In the event that the rental vehicle is damaged, you are not responsible for the full cost of repairing the damage and only have to pay a certain amount known as an “excess”. To reduce the excess to zero, car rental agencies often try to persuade customers to purchase an excess waiver. This means that, for a fixed amount per day, the car rental company waives its right to sue you in case of damage to the car. Although it is not officially insurance, it is presented as such and costs between $ 20 and $ 30 per day, a rate that is usually double the cost of the rental.

What are the benefits of excess exemption insurance?

The insurance offered by auto dealerships denies to some extent your right to sue the customer in the event of car damage, but there are some exceptions, including tire damage and negligence. In general, the terms of the CDW and the additional exemption vary from company to company, so it is important to read the entire contract carefully before signing. Assuming we do not discover serious damage, this insurance is practically the only one that allows, at the end of use, to return the keys and get going quickly, no matter how many scratches or dents the car has received.

You can also get a 3 franchise exemption insurance match insurer. In this case, you will generally have to block a certain amount on your credit card to cover the damages and then you will have to deal with the paperwork and go after insurance companies to get reimbursed. In other words, this insurance offered by car rental companies is the only one that provides flexibility, comfort, and peace of mind.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned, the cost of the excess exemption is about $ 20 to $ 30 per day, but it can go even higher. In any case, it is a price that is usually higher than the rental price itself. This is not a small profit for rental companies. Of the price they pay, they allocate about $ 3 or $ 4 a day to a common fund to cover the damages, and the rest is a profit for them. This is probably why employees are going to great lengths to persuade customers to buy insurance through them.

What are the alternatives?

A. Use your existing insurance, which may also be valid in other countries. Of course, you should check the terms of the policy in advance and see if it covers rental cars. Keep in mind that you will have to participate in your own expenses and accidents you do abroad can have an impact on your future insurance premium later on.

B. Use of insurance offered by credit card companies. Many credit cards offer accident coverage as long as you pay for your car rental with the card. However, this is usually secondary coverage, which means that the credit card company only covers the costs that the insurance company does not pay. In any case, it is advisable to pay attention to the fine print.

C. Third-party insurance. There are several sites that offer 3rd Party car rental excess exemption policies. These policies can cost $ 10 per day (or even less if you are a frequent traveler and buy an annual policy). In this case, you can simply forgo the car rental offer and save the cost of the rental car franchise exemption. If the car is damaged, the rental company will charge you the lesser of the actual repair amount and the excess that is stated in the rental agreement. You must then file a claim with your insurer, submit the relevant documents that support your claim, and once your claim is approved, the insurer will reimburse you.

In any case, if you use 3rd Party insurance keep in mind that most car rental agencies will require prepayment for damages, and then you will have to claim it from the various insurance companies.

Bottom line

Many travelers prefer to forgo the expensive insurance of the car rental agencies and do not encounter any problems at the end of their use. However, there are cases where the insurance company, credit card, or third-party insurance does not agree to cover an extraordinary cost charged by the rental company. If you prefer to avoid risk, it is better to buy excess exemptions and pay the highest price, but keep in mind that in most cases, other insurances will cover you as well.

Keep in mind that the “insurance” offered by car rental agencies has a significant advantage: If the rental car has a scratch, you don’t have to deal with red tape and repairs. With external insurance, you may have to pay an advance as a guarantee and deal with claims later. In any case, remember that this independence comes with a high price and an impressive profit for the company.

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Top 6 Reasons to Donate your Car to a Charity: How to donate your car?




Top 6 Reasons to Donate your Car to a Charity

Are you looking for some good reasons to donate your car to a charity? If yes, then this article is absolutely perfect for you. Donating a car to a charity was a common tax strategy before 2004.

Therefore, people accepted tax deductions worth thousands of dollars. Congress stopped this with the American Job Creation Act of 2004. 

This Act limits the deduction taken for donated cars, trucks, boats, or planes worth more than $ 500. 

Besides, the Act did not allow taxpayers to deduct the value published fair market of the vehicle. 

Instead, it required that the amount earned should be for Charity. It was documented with a donor charity receipt.

Generally, at auctions and charity auctions, cars typically sell for as low as $ 30 to $ 50. It’s no wonder that donating an old car has suddenly become less popular.

Is it still worth donating a car? If you are an addict, you won’t get much of a tax deduction. On the other hand, if you have a charity car, the donation could be significant.

Top 6 Reasons to Donate your Car to a Charity

1. Supporting should be the best reasons to donate your car to a charity

It may seem obvious, but it is true. Most people donate to charities that support their work. Generally, this is one of the best reasons to donate your car to a charity.

2. Gift a car to the charity should be the best reasons to donate your car to a charity

Many charities can make use of your car as long as they can use it. They can deliver meals to the elderly or take people to the doctor. 

The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and the United Way are some of the best charities donating cars.234 Think of local community colleges or vocational schools. 

Their educational programs use donated cars as a way to train mechanics.

3. Get a healthy tax write-off 

Although the rules are stricter since the 2004 law change, the process is still possible to deduct fair market value. 

Suppose you are giving away a car worth more than $ 500 and sold by a charity. In that case, you will need to get a notice from the charity stating that the transaction was “arm’s length unrelated” and gross proceeds. 

However, the charity will give you written confirmation of the vehicle’s intended use and the plan they will use it. 

Meanwhile, the charity cannot sell or trade the vehicle before the scheduled time. You must obtain an independent appraisal if the vehicle value is more than $ 5,000. 

If the car’s value exceeds $ 500, you will need to file IRS Form 8283 attach the following documents to your return. 

Generally, it is good to attach the Form if the car is worth more than $ 5,000 8283 and the independent appraisal. 5

4. You don’t have to sell the car yourself. 

The most important part is, you don’t need to place any advertisements to sell the car yourself. You won’t even have to deal with phone calls or emails, nor will you have to show the car and negotiate the price.

In such a case, Charity will come forward and discuss donating your car to their charity with you. 

5. Pickup is free

Many charities that accept cars will tow or pick them up at no cost. However, you should know that the charity will subtract this cost from the value of your vehicle. 

It will reduce your tax deduction. If the trailer exceeds a substantial portion of the car’s value, you can still drive it yourself.

6. You can get rid of any car without a title

Some charities will accept a car that you cannot find. Title You can sell it as scrap or parts. You will not be able to recover it as scrap or parts. However, you will still have it in your driveway.

How to donate your car?

It’s easy to donate your car just by contacting a charity to have it picked up. Many larger charities, like Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill, offer dedicated car donation services. 

These include hotlines and websites that allow you to complete donation forms. 

There are even dedicated car donation services, like Charitable Adult Rides & Services. Moreover, they handle all the details and lets you choose the charity you want the proceeds to go to.

You can also sell your car and donate the proceeds to charity if you’re willing to do a little more. 

Sometimes this can be more advantageous to charities than selling the car at auction. Of course, it’s up to you.

Pre-Caution Before Donating A Car

However, I am sharing some steps to help you stay safe while donating your car.

Generally, it is safe to donate your car to charities. But you should still ensure your safety and avoid any liability to your vehicle once you’ve gifted it.

  • Avoid organizations that promise too much.
  • Receive a receipt from your charity
  • Once you’ve finished driving your car, remove your license plates.
  • To transfer your title to your state motor vehicle agency or transportation department, you must submit a transfer form.

Non-monetary donations are a common trigger for IRS audits. After making your generous donation, be sure to document it carefully and keep copies in your IRS tax file for the year. 

Also, familiarize yourself with the IRS publication “A Donor’s Guide to Donating Vehicles.” It will be helpful for your accountant or tax advisor. It will ensure that you are following all the rules.

Also, you want to make sure that the charity you choose is qualified. You can check the list of eligible organizations on this Forbes website.

If the car donation follows the 2004 law, it can be a win-win situation for you and the charity. 

Do not forget that the best donation is the one that can be used directly by the recipient, only then. 

Therefore, with the correct documentation, will you be able to carry a figure along with the blue book value of the car.

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10 Best VIN decoders to verify VIN numbers for free



VIN de10 Best VIN decoders to Verify VIN numbers for freecoders

10 Best VIN decoders to verify VIN numbers for free: Perhaps you want to check VINs for free. If so, then you have come to the correct webpage. However, it is no longer a secret that using the correct VIN decoder online can put an end to tons of hassles when buying a used car.

Not only will a detailed VIN report tell you the hidden secrets about a particular car, but it will also help the buyer make an intelligent purchase.

Experts consider decoding the VIN online before buying the most innovative measure, as it can help the buyer make a worse deal. However, all this will happen only if the best VIN decoder is used. Any standard VIN decoder will not help you as expected.

10 Best VIN decoders to verify VIN numbers for free

Therefore, choosing the best VIN decoder is just as crucial as decoding a VIN before purchasing. To save your efforts and time to search for the best VIN decoder, we present you with a comprehensive list of the top 10 VIN decoders of all time. Look at these.

BMW VIN DecoderThe BMW VIN decoder is the best Online VIN decoder. It is a fully verified and affiliated online free VIN decoder. Without much ado and hassle, this VIN decoder brings the detailed VIN report in the blink of an eye.

Detailed VIN reports are 100% accurate as state-of-the-art AI is at work while using BMW VIN Decoder. The database is mentioned with the association of primary car dealers and manufacturers. So the chances of errors are significantly less.

The database is regularly updated and presents crucial details such as additional features on the vehicle and damage records. There are no unwanted extensions or ads to disturb you during the VIN decoding process.

  1. Ford VIN Decoder

Ford VIN decoder is helping you all over the world to find car and truck VIN details without any subscription.

You don’t need to register either. You can use this free online VIN decoder as long as you have an active internet connection and a data-driven device. Their database is vast, so there will be no problem accessing the details of a particular VIN.

  1. Toyota VIN Decoder

With a clean and straightforward interface, the Toyota VIN Decoder is winning the hearts of the people. Beginners and beginners can get detailed VIN reports without professional assistance, and this is what makes this free online decoder exceptional.

The VIN reports, delivered by the Toyota VIN decoder, present model details, assembly plant, manufacturers, engine types, mileage, and the like, allowing the user to understand the vehicle better.


  1. Chevy VIN Decoder

Chevy VIN Decoder is a next-level free online VIN decoder that one can use without worrying about the expense, as the house bears registration and use. It has gained tremendous popularity in the US and Canada due to its accuracy and fast delivery.

Although the website is free, it is not filled with annoying ads. Therefore, you will have a smooth experience.

  1. Mercedes VIN Decoder

Next on the list is a Mercedes VIN decoder, a highly secure and trustworthy history of care providers. Backed with excellent encryption and high-end artificial intelligence, this VIN decoder is here to help you make an intelligent, data-driven decision.

Using the VIN report provided by this online decoder, one can easily find details of any vehicle. Whether or not the car was involved in an accident, pending claims, originality of the parts used, actual mileage, etc.

  1. Ceiba

Cebia is a trusted free online VIN check app designed to help used car buyers. Effectively scan the VIN and get up-to-date details related to the car mode data. The application has almost a billion records to help you.

  1. CarVertical

This next-generation VON decoder works on the blockchain mechanism to get the VIN reports, which makes it different from the others.

The database for this VIN decoder is maintained by collecting NMVTIS information and real-time data directly from the vehicle market.

There is basic tamper-proof information about the vehicle. The back-end is also functionally complex. The built-in blockchain feature can make your operations tedious.


Are you willing to do a basic VIN check at zero cost? You can try as this online VIN decoder is designed for this purpose only. Let’s get one thing clear; detailed reports are not provided.

Therefore, make a decision based solely on this fact. You only get the details of the US-registered vehicles and can use it to get the old-style VIN details manually.

  1. AutoDNA

Vehicle owners in the US and Europe can take the help of AutoDNA to verify used vehicle DNA from the comfort of their homes. The details of around 500 million cars are present in this online decoder. Therefore, you will never be disappointed in using it.

  1. Bumpers

It is a web-based tool designed to collect VIN information with the least amount of hassle possible. The vehicle history derived from this VIN decoder is managed by gathering information from 22 departments statewide.

Quick Tips:

Even if you use the best free VIN decoders online, you will likely get a false report as you may have entered the wrong VIN.

VIN is a combination of numbers and digits arranged in a sequence that is difficult to memorize. Therefore, do not try to remember the VIN. Just write it down and double-check it before entering it into any free VIN online decoder.


Knowing the vehicle’s VIN will help the buyer in a way that one can imagine. It reduces the chances of buying a fraudulent or defective car. But, it will only work if the best is at your service. We carefully selected the top 10 free VIN decoders online for you.

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