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How to Burn the Thorns in Elden Ring?



Burn the Thorns in Elden Ring

Burn the Thorns in Elden Ring: The thorns will slow you down if you reach the end of Elden Ring. It’s not evident, but it’s an important part of the game’s plot. You will uncover some essential narrative aspects by burning these phrases, which we will not expose here.

Instead of going into the spoiler zone, we’ll summarize the key phrases below. Here’s how to light the Erdtree passageway’s thorns on fire.

How to Burn the Thorns in Elden Ring

You must supply a source of fire to the Forge of the Giants to char the thorns that encircle the Elden Throne. This event is vital to Elden Ring‘s plot, and it will naturally occur as you go through the game.

When the moment is ripe, you’ll have the choice of burning the thorns.

The following stages may surprise those who don’t know what to do if they get lost. Melina will provide you with the Rold Medallion once you’ve talked with her, which is required for your admittance into The Mountaintops of the Giants.

The next objective is to reach the Giant Forge, only guarded by the Fire Giant. You’ll be allowed to use the forge if you beat him. On The Site of Grace, find Melina and converse with her.

Melina will ask you to do the “cardinal crime to avoid spoilers.” Make your choices, and the scene is set. Your character is then transported to the decaying Farum Azula area.

To keep the plot moving forward, you’ll need to slay the Black Blade and Maliketh and Maliketh. The Royal Capital will undergo several transformations. It’s now time to go to the entryway guarded by an Elden Throne.

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