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Best Weapon Against Crystal Enemies In Elden Ring



Best Weapon Against Crystal Enemies: Elden Ring has lots of Bosses and Hostile creatures. Sure of them are easy to defeat, and others, such as the Crystal Enemies and Crystalians, are difficult to beat. They’re not like your usual enemies, and the most powerful builds turn out to be ineffective against these creatures. 

Do not worry; they are challenging to defeat. If the game has an Healthbar that is a health bar, it could be destroyed. In this guide, I’ll guide you through the most effective Weapon to beat the Crystal Enemies in the Elden Ring.

Best Weapon against Crystal Enemies in Elden Ring

Crystal Enemies or Crystalians are not mandatory bosses since players aren’t obliged to defeat them to progress into the Legacy Dungeon. They are humanoid enemies comprised of crystals, hence their name. 

While they’re made of crystals, the bodies of their opponents are extremely tough. They are resistant to attacks with a slash, thrusting attacks and poison Damage, Scarlet Rot Damage, Frostbite Damage, and all elemental Damage and are immune to bleeding

Therefore, Bleeding weapons are not recommended, particularly Katanas. The best Weapon to utilize for combat against Crystal Enemies should deal with either Strike Damage or Poise Damage.

It is logical since it is impossible to punch or cut crystals, but you can break them. The best Weapon of choice for battling the Crystal Enemy should be Hammers Flails and Maces. One I suggest using is known as that of the Great Club. 

It’s a Giant Club that deals with significant physical damage. It’s a scalable weapon based on C STR and needs 35 STR to use it. You can obtain one in a dropped item at The Stonedigger Troll Boss in the Old Altus TunnelSouth of the Bridge of Iniquity

Utilizing this Weapon, you’ll be able to take on the Crystalians without difficulty.

This is all about the most effective Weapon against Crystal Enemies in the Elden Ring. I hope this guide has been helpful to you. Also, look through our principles, such as the Best Twinblades and Locations within Elden Ring.


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