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Best Elden Ring Starting Classes



Best Elden Ring Starting Classes

Best Elden Ring Starting Classes:  If you’re beginning to set to build the Elden Ring playthrough, picking the suitable class compatible with your preferred style of play isn’t an easy decision. 

In the end, your class won’t limit you to a specific build. Only your initial skills and the ability to change your mind later on with the help of larval tears.

However, in the first few hours, in the beginning, the most effective Elden Ring starting classes surpass the other courses by an inch, like being able to defend in a variety of ways or providing strong defenses that let you endure for longer. 

Let’s look at the advantages each can bring and let you choose!

Best Starting Classes in Elden Ring

1: Vagabond

The Vagabond sword and board is a great beginner class and has the best Vigor (health) in all starting categories. If you’re new to Souls like combat or seeking more remarkable survival. The Vagabond is an excellent choice when many of your enemies are attacking you since it equip with high armor.

It’s also not just an armored class, and it can access powerful Strength or Dexterity weaponries like a Longsword and a Halberd. Because of its Heater Shield, it starts you can easily change between attacking and protecting based on the scenario.

2: Confessor

The Confessor from Elden Ring is a blended combination of a faith-based spellcaster who has the ability to all-round melee. With its vast array of options. 

It’s considered one of the most influential classes you can find in Elden Ring, moving between close-quarters battle and long-range spell-slinging in a breeze.

Despite all that, however, it isn’t a great performer at anything other than Faith. You’ll need to decide the stats to concentrate on as its primary traits well-balance and don’t tend to skew in one direction in melee guns. 

But, it’s still an extremely stable class that could help you get started if you undecide and want to test the game before making a decision.

3: Samurai

If you interested in occasionally slashing enemies using arrows and quick melee weapons based on Dexterity. The Samurai class is the best for your game style. 

It’s a great class that allows you to shift between long and close range quickly but is an excellent choice for those who prefer to parry, dodge, or master their attack combos.

On the other hand, the Samurai has the best endurance from the class’s initial range. However, you won’t do any tricks when you start in Elden Ring because of its low statistics. It’s nevertheless a multi-faceted fighter.

4: Astrologer

The Astrologer class offers limited options initially; however, it can cause havoc far away with its magic spells. It has the best Intelligence and mind of all the types that start, and as its arsenal of spells grows, it’ll increase its effectiveness when fighting with multiple targets or in single combat.

As you’d imagine, Astrologer being a caster, is highly vulnerable to attacks from enemies. Therefore, achieving greater endurance and Vigor is essential. However, as you do this, focusing on your Intelligence will enable you to cast superior Sorcery spells more quickly and reduce the chance of targeted.

5: Hero

The Hero is similar to one of our previous classes, Vagabond, but is most effective at breaking heads and inflicting colossal damage using an ax. It has the most potent initial strength and can access the more powerful weapons that deal a lot of damage.

A decently even balance between Endurance and Vigor is a good fit between a quick attack and a defensive.

That’s all you must be aware of about the most effective Elden Ring starting classes

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