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How to Beat Elden Ring Crystalians



Beat Elden Ring Crystalians:  The Elden Ring Crystalians are fast humanoid bosses that battle in three distinct methods. First, you have the Spear, Ringblade, and Staff Crystalians, which all need careful tiptoeing and backstabbing.

Of course, this is easier said than done; you’ll have to deal with two or three of them many times. It’s tough enough to keep one aggressive pattern in the game, but these extra bosses aren’t challenging to defeat.

In a word, it’s all about drawing them in on the field one by one. The Crystalline may defeat in the following manner.

Elden Ring: How to Defeat Crystalians

There are four essential Crystalian encounters where the player will be pitted against a boss.

In the Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave, you’ll face a Ringblade Crystalian; in the Altus Tunnel, you’ll meet a 2v1 scenario with a Spear and a Ringblade Academy Crystal Cave, an aggressive duo will arm themselves with a Spear and a Staff; and in the Sellia Hideaway, you’ll face a trio with a risk of catching Scarlet Rot from the Putrid Cystialians.

To defeat these Crystalians, use continuous luring, dodging, and poise breakage to take them out one by one.

Allowing the Spear adversary to rush at you with their jabs until they exhaust the intended combination is an easy way to manage them. But, then, this is your chance to make a move.

It’s vital to remember that their armor comprises crystal, so if it starts to shatter, their damage intake will skyrocket. However, you must keep an eye on the other two blue bosses whenever feasible.

A Ring blade version may fling its blade at you, launch tiny ring blades, or whirl in the air while slamming into everything in its path. This terrible guy has several visible weak spots that you may hit.

A basic side-forward sprint and attack would suffice as long as you can land a blow on those vulnerable places. If you do enough damage to them, their posture will eventually crack, allowing you to strike them critically.

You won’t have any problem with the Staff supervisor. The major challenge is avoiding the assaults of all three varieties while concentrating your offense on one.

In contrast to its two partner combatants, who are more nimble in fighting, the Staff wielding saunters. During the fight, you’ll observe the Staff Crystalian building up his power, and his strikes are slower.

You may take advantage of their bad timing by rushing up behind them and laying melee assaults until you’re ready to move on. However, he’s arguably the simplest and fastest to beat due to the Staff’s preventable spells.

What matters is that you don’t get caught in the middle of two or three of them. An undesirable chain reaction of crystalline damage might occur if your rhythm is wrong.

Additionally, you should avoid employing magic; their damage absorption is pretty good when it comes to magic, fire, lightning, and holy strikes. If you want to watch their crystals fracture, it’s better to stick to the good old sharpened steel.

But, if the worst happens, you may always call an ally to assist you. But, of course, it’s only a fair game if you’re battling alongside someone else.

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