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Barbie and Killers of Flower Moon were ignored at the BAFTAs in 2024



Barbie and Killers of Flower Moon were ignored at the BAFTAs in 2024

Despite being nominated, Barbie and Killers of the Flower Moon won no awards at the 2024 British Academy Film Awards.

Fans and critics were disappointed and talked about it. Both movies, Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, and Killers of the Flower Moon, by Martin Scorsese, were snubbed at the BAFTAs.

Barbie got nominations for Leading Actress (Margot Robbie), Original Screenplay, and Costume Design.

At the same time, Killers of the Flower Moon was nominated for Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Robert De Niro), Cinematography, Production Design, and Costume Design.

People had different reactions to the lack of wins. Some were surprised and disappointed, while others understood there was tough competition and the BAFTA voters had diverse preferences.

Voters have different preferences for voting at the BAFTA than at other award shows.

There is intense competition from nominees like Oppenheimer and Poor Things.

Some voters may not like Barbie because it’s a live-action movie based on a children’s toy.

Winning awards doesn’t determine a film’s success or worth. BAFTA honors various films and accomplishments in the film industry.

It’s good to think about different viewpoints when talking about award outcomes.

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