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Azhdaha weekly boss guide and drops in Genshin Influence



Azhdaha weekly boss guide and drops

Azhdaha weekly boss guide and drops:  Azhdaha is a boss that appears weekly on Genshin Impact that drops unique materials to upgrade the talents of many characters.

 They are the only boss with four forms of elemental form they fight in, which can cause continuous injury to characters who do not have shields.

 The fight is possible as a solo player or with a co-op if you have the right group.

How do I unlock Azhdaha in Genshin Impact? Genshin Impact

The boss of the week, Azhdaha, is the first boss to encounter in Zhongli’s Act II Story Quest. It can be found on the website Quests and then navigating through Stories Quests.

 The following menu will display hangouts and Story Quests that require the user to use the Story Keys to gain access. They obtain through daily commissions. 

The number of eight commissions must be completed to earn a Story Key.

Azhdaha weekly boss guide and drops

Fighting Azhdaha phases of play, forms, top teams, and reward drops

Azhdaha can take one of four forms throughout the fight as she reaches different HP thresholds. These forms can observe in the entryway of Trounce Domain. 

Trounce Domain and remain fixed for the week till the domains reset. They are Fire Electro, Hydro, and Cryo forms, each having different methods of dealing with their specific elemental damage.

Best Characters For Fighting Azhdaha

Players can mitigate the damage over time of Azhdaha’s elemental attacks by being able to shield themselves. 

The best characters with the ability to use shields include Zhongli, Diona, and Beidou. The most effective team composition uses 2 Geo characters to boost the damage output when being shielded.

 Two Pyro characters could increase damage, and two Cryo characters could utilize to boost the team’s crucial hit rate.

Azhdaha’s Dangerous Attacks

When in the Electroform, Azhdaha will burrow underground, leaving only their tails visible. At this point, lightning strikes different areas marked on the ground.

 Making sure to move to the space will help players be able to avoid the damage. When in this hydro model, Azhdaha will have giant bubbles swirling around, which cause Hydro damage to those who are caught within these bubbles.

As a Pyro form, Azhdaha will have meteors rain down on zones marked on the floor. They will deal damages to the Pyro over time. 

Also, when they are in the Cryo form, Azhdaha will have Cryo spikes that come from the underground as they dig beneath the ground, similar to their Electro form.

Azhdaha Drops

When defeated, Azhdaha will reward players with three exclusive items which can increase the character’s Talents. These are the Dragon Lord’s CrownGilded Scale, and Bloodjade Branch

Azhdaha has the same loot as the other Trounce Domain bosses and can give players the Berseker Instructor Exile Gladiator and Wanderer’s Troupe artifacts and weapons Billets, Dream Solvent, Varunada Lazurite, Vajrada Amethyst, and Prithiva Topaz gemstones.